The Relaxed Soul on Opening the Heart

Our inner awareness knows when it can open the heart and let love in. And it also knows when we need to learn specific lessons to be free of Karma that’s holding us back.


We must remember that everything happens for a reason, we have to trust and see the good in all… and at the same time have compassion, kindness, and peace in our heart.

Plus the more loving relationships we make in this lifetime… the more we thrive and move forward to make this planet a better place to live.


And being vulnerable allows us to grow as human beings… and giving is what life is all about…and if we keep giving no matter how many times we are hurt… that’s the path to enlightenment.


Dr. Paul Haider

About Dr. Paul Haider

Dr. Paul Haider has been a Master Herbalist for over 25 years. Dr. Haider helps those looking for healing and realization. Dr. Haider has over 4,000 articles about natural health and spirituality, a radio show, and writes for many magazines including OM Times Magazine. Dr. Paul Haider - Contact him on his Website contact form at - and also on FB under Dr. Paul Haider
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