Health Benefits of Liquid or Powdered Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is found in most plants and has many health benefits.

Chlorophyll is great for boosting your hemoglobin and because our blood is over 70% hemoglobin… Chlorophyll can make a world of difference in how much energy you have.

Chlorophyll is great for boosting the immune system, helping to heal wounds, detoxing the body, great for fighting off infections, and helping to enhance the cardiovascular system and sooth the GI tract.

Chlorophyll prevents carcinogenic compounds from combining with DNA… and helps prevent and break down urinary tract and kidney stones.

And Chlorophyll is a great alkalizing agent for the body!!!

Chlorophyll is full of vitamins C, E, K, and A and iron, calcium, Magnesium, and even protein. And Chlorophyll is a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent!

Chlorophyll is one of the few good chelation substances, which is great for removing health metals from your body.

Chlorophyll is antiseptic helping to kill germs and strengthen cellular tissues against infections, plus it builds healthy bones and muscles tissue.

Chlorophyll works wonders for bad breath and also insures a healthy digestive tract.

Wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, asparagus, green bell peppers, broccoli, sprouts, green cabbage, celery stalks, collard greens, turnip greens, sweet potatoes greens, green beans, peas, kale, leeks, green olives, parsley, romaine lettuce, seaweed, spinach, swiss chard, moringa, and neem, nettle, are all great sources of Chlorophyll. Juice a bunch of these green foods and add some fruit for a sweet taste and make a great green power drink!

Side effects of Chlorophyll are increased energy and stamina, plus it might make your pee and tongue green… but that’s a small price to pay for feeling great!

Paul Haider – Master Herbalist

About Dr. Paul Haider

Dr. Paul Haider has been a Master Herbalist for over 25 years. Dr. Haider helps those looking for healing and realization. Dr. Haider has over 4,000 articles about natural health and spirituality, a radio show, and writes for many magazines including OM Times Magazine. Dr. Paul Haider - Contact him on his Website contact form at - and also on FB under Dr. Paul Haider
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