Health Benefits of Brandy

Brandy has been around for hundreds of years and while I am not a big on drinking Brandy does have some health benefits in moderation.

A shot of Brandy has more than 90 mg’s of Vitamin C and is a very good antioxidant too!

Brandy contains copper which is needed for the body to maintain it’s immune system.

Brandy contains certain chemicals similar to Plavix which prevents clumping together of platelets thus helping to prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes, and it does this without thinning the blood like aspirin.

And Brandy will help you to get to sleep at night.

Plus a small amount of Brandy does help with stress.

Rats given Brandy where less interested in food and lost weight.

And Brandy can help with coughs and colds and some sleep medications include some alcohol in them… so shot of Brandy might keep the doctor away.

And there is some evidence that a shot of Brandy can lower the risk of obesity and increase lifespan.

Paul Haider – Master Herbalist

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