16 Natural Ways to Stop Muscle Spasms

Everyone gets a muscles spasm of their calves, neck, back, shoulders and other areas now and then, and there are some great ways to stop those gripping pains in the middle of the night.

Crampbark is one of the best muscle spams relieving herbs you can find, if you have muscle spams or feel you are going to have one in the middle (have that feeling) of the night take crampbark right away. It will relax those tense cramping aching muscles in no time.

Passion Flower will help relax cramped muscles, plus sooth you to sleep at the same time. Also works well as a sleep aid and for also lowering blood pressure.

Wild Yam works wonders for inflammation, cramps, and spasms of all kinds.

Celery Seed that you probably have in your spice cabinet works great for muscles spasms. And celery seed is a great diuretic, and helps with gout, inflammation in general, arthritis, and even helps lower blood pressure.

Rosemary another herb that you might have in your spice rack also works well for muscles spasms. And Rosemary is great for joint pain, indigestion, and for improving your memory too!

Goldenrod is another simple and effective herb for muscles spasms. And goldenrod also works for gout, arthritis, kidney stones, and high blood pressure.

KavaKava also works well for muscles spasms… and helps with relaxing and soothing way tension and stress too!

Chamomile Tea is a good old standby and works well for muscles spasms, plus is relaxes, and helps with stress… and helps you get a good nights rest too.

Meadow Sweet works well for muscles spams too, just mix it into your smoothie in the morning and feel great! Skullcap is great for muscles spasms, and helps with inflammation too!

Take Minerals, a lack of minerals can cause muscles spasms so taking a supplement of calcium, magnesium, and potassium will help. And if you’re lacking potassium eat some apricots, soy, potatoes, bananas and even seaweed which is full of lots of minerals. Also take your B complex vitamins… the B vitamins are important for stress.

Acid foods can also increase muscles spasms so start green juicing thus alkalizing your body and your spasms may disappear.

Lower your stress level, if you are stressed to the max you will have lots of spasms, and the only way to get rid of them is to learn to relax. Listen to relaxing music, take a time out and read something fun, do some meditation, and also exercising, eating right, and drinking enough water are important.

In India they recommend soaking your feet in mustard seeds for 20 to 30 minutes… will also do the  trick.

Valerian a wonderful sedating herb works well for relaxing and let go of muscles spasms related to stress… and St. Johns Wort also works well too.

Check for heavy metal toxicity… that can cause muscles spasms too! You can buy inexpensive lab kits on-line that can check for heavy metal poisoning. You send them a sample of your hair… and they send you back a detailed analysis of all the heavy metals you have in your body. Great!

Muscles spasms can be cause by artificial sweeteners, colors, and food additives in general, so eat naturally, eat organic, eat non-GMO foods, and stay away from all processed foods.

Arnica applied as a ointment or cream also helps sooth away muscles spasms.

Paul Haider – Master Herbalist

About Dr. Paul Haider

Dr. Paul Haider has been a Master Herbalist for over 25 years. Dr. Haider helps those looking for healing and realization. Dr. Haider has over 4,000 articles about natural health and spirituality, a radio show, and writes for many magazines including OM Times Magazine. Dr. Paul Haider - Contact him on his Website contact form at www.paulhaider.com - and also on FB under Dr. Paul Haider
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