Molecules of Eternal Youth – Collagen

Collagen is made up of amino acids that are 35% of our bodies composition… they contain the proteins Arginine, Gylcine, Proline, and Hydroxyproline. Together they create a foundation for our bones, ligaments, and tendons and create a structure for the skin, cornea, blood vessels, discs in our spine, digestive tract, uterus, prostate, heart, liver, lungs, muscles, hair, and nails. Collagen is similar to steel girders that hold a building together… it creates strength and flexibility for our tissues.

And as we grow older collagen starts to break down and become less flexible… and we start to wrinkle, sag, and get stiff… but there is hope.

Collagen supplements are safe and help with the aging process. Collagen taken by mouth have been found to help with acne, and improve skin elasticity, strength, flexibility, and softness. Studies with rats show that taking collagen improves skins elasticity and  diminishes wrinkles. Studies in Japan had a 90% increase in skin rejuvenation to a more younger looking skin… plus studies in France also showed similar results.

Collagen taken as a supplement for older women creates a much leaner body mass, and collagen stimulates the metabolism of fat thus creating a decrease in body weight… plus collagen fills the stomach for a full feeling.

Remember all collagen related tissues are repaired during the first stage of sleep… and that is why collagen supplements should be taken at night.

And athletes that want to perform to their best ability usually take collagen supplements in order to have the proper nutrients for body repair and to improve muscle mass. And collagen also helps those suffering from debilitating diseases recoup muscle mass . Plus collagen injections are used for cosmetic purposes for filling in lines, plumping up lips, and restoration of minor facial imperfections. Plus hair and nails have better luster, fullness, and durability when taking collagen supplements.

Because collagen makes up most of the joints… it works great for increasing elasticity for cartilage and adding cushioning to the joints, and diminishing inflammation. Collagen also adds elasticity and strength to ligaments and tendons… plus it gives structural integrity and adds flexibility to arteries and vessels.

A study at Harvard Medical School found that people taking collagen supplements had wonderful results with 90% having amazing improvements joint stiffness. A study done in Germany found that 83% of the people in the study had a dramatic improvement with joint stiffness and pain when taking collagen… and a study in China showed a 79% increase in joint flexibility.

Remember glucosamine and chondroitin contain collagen and has been around for years… and it works well for inflammation of the joints. And collagen performs a balancing act with the immune system by stopping the production of chemicals in the body that cause stiffness and pain.

Plus collagen speeds up wound healing with production of more platelets. And there are wound healing collagen powders that speed up healing, plus special collagen powders for healing gastric ulcers. And collagen is very important for the healthy function of the heart and even the lungs.

Most collagen supplements are made from animal sources but collagen can also be found in green leafy veggies, red veggies, and red fruits too. Plus berries have collagen including currents, blueberries, and blackberries and you can buy vegan collagen supplements too!

Over the long run collagen is a good anti-aging supplement that works well to maintain the bodies health, strength, flexibility, and suppleness.

Give it a try and see how it works for you.

You can order collagen supplements on-line or ask for it at your local health food store.

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist, Counselor, and Spiritual Advisor for over 20 years, helping people to recover and feel healthy. You can also find Dr. Haider on FB under Dr. Paul Haider, Healing Herbs, Center for Creative Living Church, Meditation for the Soul, and Relax Into Success, Punjab teas

About Dr. Paul Haider

Dr. Paul Haider has been a Master Herbalist for over 25 years. Dr. Haider helps those looking for healing and realization. Dr. Haider has over 4,000 articles about natural health and spirituality, a radio show, and writes for many magazines including OM Times Magazine. Dr. Paul Haider - Contact him on his Website contact form at - and also on FB under Dr. Paul Haider
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