“27 Health Benefits of Yarrow”

“Yarrow is a plant that grows all over the world with many health benefits – Great for bleeding, indigestion, stress, and skin problems”

White Yarrow

White Yarrow

Names – Yarrow is also known as Achillea millefolium has many other names such as carpenter’s weed, old man’s pepper, staunchgrass, bloodwort, and knights milfoil.

Goes Way Back – Yarrow goes all the way back to 60,000 BC and has been found in burial sites of Neanderthal’s and was used as a healing agent.

The Greeks used yarrow… and yarrow was even mentioned in the 1500’s where it was talked about for it’s great healing abilities.

Yarrow has been used by Native American tribes for healing for ages, also in Ayurvedic Medicine in India yarrow has been used for hundreds of years… and even longer in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TCM – In Traditional Chinese Medicine yarrow is used to open up the spleen, kidney, and liver meridians and increase vital energy.

Skin Wounds – Yarrow is great for healing open wounds, lacerations, and abraded skin.

Skin Rash – Yarrow also works well for eczema, rashes, and irritations.

Hemorrhage – Yarrow has been studied for controlling internal bleeding, bleeding from the uterus, colon bleeding, blood from bladder bleeding, bleeding from heavy periods and even topically for hemorrhoids.

Lowers Blood Pressure – Yarrow also helps to lower blood pressure.

Stress – Yarrow also helps with stress and anxiety.

Contains – Acetete, Alpha Pinene, Cineole, Borneol, Beta Pinene, Borneol, Camphor, Gamma Terpinene, Camphene, Tricyclene, saponins, sterols, Isoartemisia Ketone, Limonene, Sabinene, and Chamazulene… all of which are powerful healing agents.

Anti-inflammatory – Yarrow is a good anti-inflammatory agent that helps with joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism and other forms of inflammatory disease.

Natural Decongestant – Yarrow is a good decongestant agent for colds, flues, and also works well for asthma and other respiratory problems by drying up secretions. And many times yarrow is used in combination with other herbs such as and goldenseal.

Antibacterial – Yarrow is a good antibacterial agent making it great for getting rid of infections.

Pain – Yarrow because it contains anti-inflammatory agents and aspirin compounds also helps with pain.

Bitter – Yarrow is a good bitter agent that helps to increase flow of bile in the gallbladder and thus also helps to flush out the gallbladder and increase appetite. Plus it helps with liver congestion and for detoxing the body in general.

Digestion – Yarrow helps to improve digestion, helps with diarrhea, and also works well for diverticulitis, colitis, and also helps with indigestion and gas.

Yarrow was also used by the Gosiute, Mohegan, Iroquois, and Cherokee Native American tribes for improving digestion.

Diuretic – Yarrow is a good diuretic making it great for UTI and bladder infections.

Fevers – Yarrow also contains salicylic acid which is also found in aspirin and thus helps with pain, swelling, and lowering fevers… but if you are allergic to aspirin don’t use yarrow.

Allergies – Yarrow dries up nasal secretions and also helps with itchy eyes, watering eyes, and other symptoms of allergies.

Antispasmodic – Yarrow helps with intestinal spasms and soothes away irritation.

Eating – Tender fresh yarrow is a nice bitter to add to green salads.

Forms – Yarrow can be used as tinctures, in baths for skin problems and hemorrhoids, as tea, as essential oils, as powders for skin wounds, sprays for wounds, lotions and salves for the skin, massage oils, chest rubs, and other forms.

Making Tea – Take 1 tablespoon of yarrow leaves and steep in one cup of hot water for 5 minutes… if you steep yarrow longer it can become very bitter.

Dose – Take yarrow tea 3 times a day for no more than 7 days… and taking the dried herb internally most recommend 3 to 4 grams per day for inflammation.

Side Effects – Using yarrow over long periods of time is not recommended. Plus yarrow should never be boiled (boiling yarrow might cause hallucinations) and yarrow should not be used for more that 7 days at a time. And of course yarrow should not be used by women who are pregnant and very young children.

Growing – You can grow yarrow in your garden, it grows like a weed in full sunlight even in very poor soils… making it easy to grow. It also brings in helpful insects and improves the soil.

Native American Lore – Yarrow has also been used to keep away evil spirits, worn around the neck like garlic… and used around the front door to keep away negative energies.

Finding – Just Google “Buy Yarrow” and lots of places on-line will come up, or ask for it at your local health foods store. Plus you can find yarrow in the wild… and pick the greens, dry them, and used them free of charge… yarrow grows along the roads and is very common in the US and other places.

Yarrow is another great herb to keep in your medicine cabinet.













Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started… so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

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