“Protocol for Healing Coronary Artery Disease”

“Here is a natural way to heal coronary artery disease in just a few short months.”

Human Heart

American Diet – The American diet which is spreading throughout the world is full of saturated fats, salt, animal protein, processed foods, and sugar. This way of eating and stress are causing most of our coronary artery disease.

Many people think that once you have heart disease that it’s impossible to turn it around and become healthy again… but that’s not true.

Nattokinase – Nattokinase is an isolate from veggie cheese or Natto, usually made from soy beans, and has the ability to break down blood clots in the coronary arteries and lower blood pressure. Nattokinase is like Roto Rooter for your coronary arteries… it opens up those important vessels for cardiovascular health.

Natures Alternative – Nattokinase is a very good alternative to drugs that keep your arteries open… thus prevent heart attacks. Studies show that Nattokinase keeps red blood cells from sticking together and adhering to the walls of arteries.

Prevention – Supplementation with Nattokinase prevented narrowing of arteries and thus preventing heart attacks. Nattokinase also lowers blood pressure… according to studies done in Korea showing that systolic and diastolic blood pressure both dropped after 8 weeks of supplementation.

Breaks Down Clots – Studies show that Nattokinase is stronger than the drugs used to break down clots in the heart and the brain… thus Nattokinase is better at breaking down blood clots in those areas. And Nattokinase does pass through the blood brain barrier.

Studies – Studies on animals are conclusive that Nattokinase is very good at breaking down clots and preventing them. But Nattokinase should not be taken with aspirin or blood thinning drugs… you can order Nattokinase on-line… or find it at your favorite health food store.

Dose for Nattokinase – Taking 4 to 5 thousand unites of Nattokinase per day of will open up arteries, prevent heart attacks, and lower blood pressure.

Small Study of Diet – A young woman asked 3 people to live a vegan life style for 6 months to see if there would be any changes. Three people sign up and blood work was done, blood pressure taken, and energy levels were discerned. At the end of the 6 month period all of the people in this small study lost weight from 5 to up to 40 pounds, their blood pressure went down by up to 40 to 50 points, they had their cholesterol go down by up to 30 to 40 points, their LDL’s or bad cholesterol drop drastically and their good cholesterol shot up too… and they had more energy than they ever had before.

Dr. Esselstyn – Dr. Esselstyn did a study of 23 people with terrible heart disease being put on a vegetarian diet… and found that those that stuck with the diet (18 of them) had a reversal of their heart disease… with their arteries opening up… and blood flowing better than ever.

Another Study – In another study of the total population of the US they found that vegans had a much lower incidence of disease, cancer was very low, obesity was none existent, totally unheard of, and heart disease and stroke was amazingly low compared to the general population. Plus almost everyone on a vegan diet had great bone density… and were in great condition.

The Coronary Artery Disease Diet –

Green Juice – Drink at least 2 and up to 6 – 8 oz glasses of green alkalizing juice each day, including Kale, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Swiss Chard, Lots of Carrots, Turnip Greens, Beet Greens, and any other kind of green leafy veggie you can find. Alkalizing keeps inflammation away which is important for preventing clots in your coronary arteries. Also include carrots, carrots are amazingly healthy and contain powerful healing nutrients.

Chlorella – Take 3,000 mgs of Chlorella per day, you can buy chlorella in 1,000 and 3,000 mg tablets. Chlorella is a green algae that contains over 60 different nutrients. Chlorella gives you every essential and none essential protein that you need and everything else for good heart health.

Water for Cardiovascular Health – First of all you need to drink a lot of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, because the less water we have in our bodies the more likely that our blood becomes thicker and possibly forming clots.

I recommend drinking at least 1/2 liter of water in the morning and 1/2 liter in the afternoon or more.

Drink Reverse Osmosis Water… You can buy these machines at any home repair center for very little money, it’s the best water, even kidney doctors recommend this water for their patients. This is what we drink at home, most water has lots of toxins in it, so please get this device and filter your water.

Circadian Rhythms – Get up at 6 AM and Go to bed at 10 PM. You need to reset your circadian rhythms. You have two little cells that flash on and off every second in every organ of your body and especially your heart. And they know when you should be sleeping and when you should be up and awake. And if you go against this way of living it shortens your life span by causing stress, which causes inflammation, which in the long run causes cardiovascular disease… listen to your body.

Meditation – Studies show those who meditate have a 48% to 60% reduction in heart attacks.

Meditation Process – We are talking about 20 to 30 minutes twice a day. I recommend taking a TM course from www.tm.org or you can take a totally FREE Vipassana 10 Day Meditation Retreat, and the food and lodging is also FREE. Go to http://www.dhamma.org/en/locations/directory#003 and find a Vipassana Meditation course near you.

Breakfast – Have breakfast in the morning before 8AM with 1 1/2 cups of fruit and 1/2 cup of almond milk or nut milk of any kind, and 1/2 cup of raw flattened organic oatmeal, organic quinoa, or organic millet. Good old fashioned organic oats, but don’t cook it, use it raw and use honey, or agave nectar, or some other good sweetener… and please do not use chemical sweeteners.

Fruit – Use any kind of fruit you like including papaya, apples, mangos, berries, strawberries, whatever makes you feel great, all raw and the more different colors you eat the better.

Lunch at Noon – Have a green salad for lunch, with lots of veggies, all raw. Cooked food is seen by the body as an invader so you want to eat at least 75% raw food, raw food is healthy and it helps to lower inflammation thus helping to prevent cardiovascular problems.

Lots of Colors – Have lots of different colored foods in your salad such as: red, yellow, green, purple, all the colors of the rainbow in your beautiful salad, it’s healing. Colored veggies are full of antioxidants that are healing. The more antioxidants you eat the less inflammation you have and that leads to cardiovascular health.

Drink Green Tea – Drink 3 small cups of green tea a day  – it’s full of polyphenols that are super healing for the heart.

Snacks – In between eat organic carrot sticks, any other veggie, and fruit of any kind as snack. Eat 4 snacks a day at 10AM, 2PM, 4PM, and 7PM. That’s 1/2 cup of any of organic raw fruit or veggie.

Heart Healthy Dinner – Eat dinner around 5 or 6 PM.

Heart Healthy Soup – This meal is a great soup that you can make at home and it’s very healing. Make a soup of broccoli, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, turnip greens, been greens, and any other green that you like and add spices, no salt or very little salt, and use low sodium veggie stock.

Add Fiber to the Soup – Also add 4 cups of beans of your choice, beans such as pink beans, garbanzos, lentils, all of the beans are great. Don’t use canned beans, cook the beans yourself, canned foods are toxic, they contain lots of chemicals in linings of the cans. You can eat as much of this soup as you like in the evening, within reason, up to 3 or 4 cups. Beans contain fiber which lower cholesterol and inflammation thus helping to stave off coronary artery disease.

Once a Week Treat – If you want something sweet once in a while have some Sorbet. Take frozen bananas and any other kind of fruit and blend them in a powerful blender… and you have a great sorbet.

Remove – Remove the following from your life.

No Animal Protein – No meat, no chicken, no fish, no seafood, no eggs, no cheese, no milk, no added oils, no canned foods, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no sugar, no artificial anything, no chemicals of any kind, and if you don’t know what it is don’t eat it. All of these can cause inflammation and increase your changes of coronary artery disease.

No Processed Food – Also No alcohol, no highly spiced food, and use very little salt, no fast food, no processed food, if in doubt don’t eat it, chemicals are not good for the body. No wheat, no bread, no barley, no spelt, no rye – all of these are highly inflammatory and cause cardiovascular disease.

No GMO Foods – All of these GMO Foods are highly inflammatory, they cause cancer, and more. Lots of studies show that GMO food is toxic and that also means toxic for the heart.

Eat Organic – All the chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and more chemicals cause inflammation and more… which increases the likelihood of coronary artery disease.

Protein – If you want protein eat organic beans, nuts, seeds, all organic. You only need 5 or 6 % protein and that’s exactly what you get on this diet.

Exercise Every Day – The best exercise is walking, work up to 5 miles a day, if it’s hot outside walk in the mall where it’s cool. Or swim, work up to 5 miles of swimming everyday, or you can bike ride 10 miles a day, or any other exercise that gets your heart pumping fast. You do have the time… you just have to make time, and schedule exercise into your life everyday… thus you have good cardiovascular health.

Get Out and Have Fun – Get out and have fun, have a life. Having fun with friends and loved ones is important for good mood and mental clarity. Being depressed has been shown in studies to increase the likelihood of coming down with coronary artery disease by causing inflammation… so have fun!

Less Surgeries – Consumption of animal fats is connected to heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure. Being a vegan or vegetarian has a lower incidence of surgeries too… such as angioplasty, open heart surgeries, surgeries for vascular diseases of the extremities and more.

AHA – Even the American Heart Association says: “Vegetarian diets can be a healthful and nutritionally sound if they’re carefully planned out and include essential nutrients.”



















Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started… so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist and Spiritual Teacher for over 25 years, helping people to recover and feel healthy. You can also find Dr. Haider on FB under Dr. Paul Haider, Healing Herbs, and at www.paulhaider.com – feel free to contact him any time.

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