“Cancer and Nutrition”

There are lots of natural cancer agents like papaya leaves, soursop leaves, pawpaw, and many more… but without good nutrition it’s like trying to bail out a boat without stopping the leak.

Organic Raw Fruits and Veggies

Organic Fruits and Veggies

The body wants to heal itself, take for instance if you cut your finger you don’t have to think about healing your finger… your finger heals itself automatically.

In todays world we have over 80,000 toxins that are causing cancer, also there are other things like EMF radiation, microwaves, GMO foods, heavy metals, and so much more.

We have so many things that are to our detriment that we have to boost up those things that are important for healing such as organic foods. Thus the body will heal itself automatically… if the body has the right nutrition to be able to heal itself.

Even the National Cancer Institute Says: “Eating the right kinds of foods before, during, and after cancer treatment can help the patient feel better and stay stronger.”

John Hopkins Center for Medicine says: “Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are known to contain phytochemicals with antioxidant, antiestrogen and chemopreventive properties that may prevent cancer. We recommend five or more servings of fruit and vegetables daily. Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage and brussels sprouts) are especially rich in phytochemicals.” And John Hopkins has done lots of research about good nutrition and cancer.

Even dietitians such as Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD says that “Studies Show a Nutrient-Dense Diet Plus Daily Exercise Can Lower Risk of Recurrence.”

Eating lots of sugar is also not good for cancer – “A four-year study at the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection in the Netherlands compared 111 biliary tract cancer patients with 480 controls. Cancer risk associated with the intake of sugars, independent of other energy sources, more than doubled for the cancer patients.”

A study found in the Journal of Nutrition found that a good anti-cancer diet should have high fiber, no sugars, no red meat, lots of vitamins, lots of chlorophyll, getting out in the sun to create vitamin D, probiotics, digestive enzymes, no wheat, lots of great veggies and fruits, low in fat, high in fatty acids, and a good source of nutrient rich calories… but not too many calories.

An article in the Journal of Nutrition and Cancer found that: “A diet-based cancer therapy, the Gerson Therapy, was used to treat melanoma cancer. The five-year survival rates from their therapy compared very favorably to conventional therapy reported in the medical literature, especially for more advanced stages of melanoma.”

In another study: “A “prudent” (Lots of Fruits and Veggies) diet has been shown to be protective for colon cancer, while the “western” diet has been shown to be detrimental. The “western” dietary pattern, with its higher intakes of red meat and processed meats, sweets and desserts, french fries, and refined grains, was associated with a 46% increase relative risk of colon cancer.”

Another study in the National Institute of Health concluded when it comes to cancer: “With regard to diet composition and specific food choices, evidence well supports the consumption of plant-based, low saturated fat diets to promote overall health and survival.”

In another study called “The Role of Nutrition and Breast Cancer Survivors” it said: “Consume a healthy diet comprised of more plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, nuts, seeds, whole grains. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetable a day in a variety of colors.”

UCSF Medical Center said: “A lifelong commitment to a plant based diet may lower a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer and may also reduce the risk of recurrent breast cancer. A plant based diet consists primarily of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans/legumes, and other plant protein sources.”

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network says: “Phytochemicals, also found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains, are compounds that may thwart the action of carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) and aid cells in blocking the development of cancer.”

The best way to stay and get healthy is to eat a healthy diet!

I recommend my Whole Foods/Plant Based diet – It will do your body good.

See Link to Diet.


Follow this diet very closely, it’s a very healing diet that will help you to regain your health and stay healthy at all times.

Also the Gerson Clinics give a course on the “Gerson Basics”, about their diet that’s only $500 and will put you on the right path. They give this course in San Diego CA.

See link to class.





















Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started… so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

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Dr. Paul Haider has been a Master Herbalist for over 25 years. Dr. Haider helps those looking for healing and realization. Dr. Haider has over 4,000 articles about natural health and spirituality, a radio show, and writes for many magazines including OM Times Magazine. Dr. Paul Haider - Contact him on his Website contact form at www.paulhaider.com - and also on FB under Dr. Paul Haider
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