“Protocol for Healing MS Naturally”

“There’s hope for those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis… here are a few things that can help in amazing ways to heal MS.”

Healing MS - 2

Dr Haider’s Whole Foods Plant Based Diet and Lifestyle 

I recommend you follow my diet and lifestyle for the rest your life and you’ll become extremely healthy like me- I Promise 

One 1/3 of a teaspoon of animal product weekly will put a person into inflammation for 30 days – so this is not a half way thing — it’s all or nothing— OK 

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet and Lifestyle 

This diet must be followed exactly – OK 

Read this diet over slowly a couple of times it contains lots of information 

See Link 


Why Animal Protein is Killing Us 

See link 


Vitamin D – A study in Journal of the American Medical Association showed that those who had high levels of Vitamin D had a much slower progression of MS. I personally believe that everyone needs to spend at least 2 hours outside with sunlight to change our brain and create a good mood and increase serotonin levels.

Water – First of all you need to drink a lot of water – at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day – I recommend at least 1/2 liter in the morning and 1/2 liter in the afternoon and more. – Drink Reverse Osmosis Water… You can buy these machines at any home repair center for very little money, it’s the best water, even kidney doctors recommend this water for their patients. This is what we drink at home, most water has lots of toxins in it, so buy this device and filter your water.

Plastics are Poison – Drink water from stainless steel, glass, or ceramic containers, plastic contains over 24,000 different chemicals that are just plainly poison and just may be the one of the related causes of MS.

Detox with Coffee Enemas – Once a month do a detoxing of your body with coffee enemas – Here is a link to the whole process – see bottom of the article – Toxins can create lots of disease processes and we have over 80,000 different toxic chemicals in our bodies now and that is not good. Even the wonderful Gerson Clinics use coffee enemas to detox the body. See Link – https://paulhaider.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/coffee-a-great-healing-agent-for-the-whole-body/

Green Juice – Drink at least 4 to 6  – 8 oz glasses of green alkalizing juice each day – Kale, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Swiss Chard, Lots of Carrots, Turnip Greens, Beet Greens, and any other kind of green leafy veggie you can find. Alkalizing keeps inflammation away! Also include carrots, carrots are amazingly healthy and contain powerful healing nutrients.

If you have some disease process going on… then I recommend drinking 1 glass of this great juice every hour during the day. Do this for 2 to 3 weeks… and then tapper back to the recommend above.

Chlorella – Some feel that Chlorella is essential for regaining wellness with MS. Take 3,000 mgs of Chlorella per day, you can buy this in 1,000 mg tablets – it’s a green algae that has over 60 different nutrients in it… and it will do your body good – Powerful! Chlorella gives you every essential and none essential protein that you need and everything else. I feel many of these none essential proteins are in fact very essential and are very important for good health in general… and most people are not getting enough of these none essential proteins.

Circadian Rhythms – Get up at 6 AM – Go to bed at 10 PM. You need to reset your circadian rhythms. You have two little cells that flash on and off every second in every organ of your body and especially your heart. And they know when you should be sleeping and when you should be up and awake. – If you go against this way of living it shortens your life span… listen to your body.

Heavy Metal Detox – Heavy metals may also be one of the culprits in MS, here is a article about cleansing away heavy metals – See Link – https://paulhaider.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/dmsa-a-powerful-oral-heavy-metal-detoxing-agent/

Meditation – The new study of epigenics shows that we can change our DNA via meditation and that is amazingly powerful.

First thing in the morning after going to the bathroom sit down and concentrate on your breathing – breathing in and out, if you find a thought coming into your head, say to yourself “I will get to that later and go back to your breathing”. Do this for 30 Minutes, this gives the mind/body a rest. Even during sleep your mind is not resting it’s dreaming and working things out.

Meditation turns off the mind for a little while, and meditation takes practice and surrender to the process.

Even Dr. Dean Ornish recommends Meditation, and Meditation has nothing to do with Religion, it’s about healing.

We now know that people who meditate have good genes expressed and bad genes are shut off and not expressed- Wow – Amazing Stuff!

Meditate for 30 minutes first thing in the Morning and in the evening for 30 Minutes. – It will do your body good.

TM Meditation – I recommend taking a TM meditation class – find a teacher near you at www.tm.org

Vipassana Meditation – Or take a wonderful FREE 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat – Even the Food and Lodging is FREE. These are put on by people who have taken the courses themselves and believe they are powerful.

About the 4th or 5th day you will have a huge breakthrough that will change your life… it happens every time. All you have to do is show up and because the food is vegetarian and it is free and the lodging is also free.

Vipassana Mediation will change your life. – See link and find a Vipassna Meditation Retreat Near you – http://www.dhamma.org/en/about/vipassana

Breakfast – Have breakfast in the morning before 8AM with 1 1/2 cups of fruit – and 1/2 cup of almond milk or nut milk of any kind… and 1/2 cup of raw flattened oatmeal – rolled oats. Good old old fashioned oats, but don’t cook it – use it raw and use honey or agave nectar, stevia, or some other good sweetener – no chemicals.

Use any kind of fruit you want – papaya, apples, mangos, berries, strawberries, whatever makes your heart sing – all raw, the more different colors you eat the better.

Lunch at Noon – Have a green salad for lunch, with lots of veggies, all raw. Cooked food is seen by the body as an invader so you want to eat at least 75% raw food – It’s healing.

Have lots of different colored foods in your salad such as: red, yellow, green, purple, all the colors of the rainbow in your beautiful salad, it’s healing. Colored veggies are full of antioxidants that are healing.

Carbs – Keep the carbs to a minimum – You can have one cup of cooked organic brown rice, quiona, millet, or chia seeds, and even organic oatmeal each day.

Drink Green Tea – Drink 3 small cups of green tea a day  – it’s full of polyphenols that are super healing.

Snacks – In between eat carrot sticks, any other veggie, and fruit of any kind as snacks – eat 4 snacks a day at 10AM, 2PM, 4PM, and 7PM. That’s 1/2 cup of any of fruit or veggie.

No Wheat – Wheat, barley, rye, and spelt are all highly inflammatory and must be removed from your diet.

Dinner – Have dinner at 5 or 6 PM –  Dinner is a soup that you can make at home and it’s very healing. Make a soup of broccoli, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, turnip greens, been greens, and any other green that you like and add spices, no salt or very little salt, and use low sodium veggie stock.

Also add 4 cups of beans of your choice, such as pink beans, garbanzos, lentils, all of the beans are great. Don’t use canned foods, cook the beans yourself, canned foods are toxic with lots of chemicals in linings of the cans. You can eat as much of this soup as you like in the evening, within reason, up to 3 or 4 cups.

Once a Week Treat – If you want something sweet once in a while have some Sorbet. Take frozen bananas and any other kind of fruit and blend them in a powerful blender… and you have a great sorbet. You can add the sweetener of choice if you like, see above.

Probiotics – I believe that probiotics in our gut are very important for healing MS. We know that all the good bacteria in our gut really runs our life in general. We should have 4 lbs of good bacteria in our gut that boost our immune system and promote great health in general… but most of us only have about 20% of that.

Time to change all of that by adding probiotic bacteria to your digestive system. Get a good probiotic supplement that contains at least 10 or 12 different types of bacteria… and take at least 4 capsules twice a day. Also Kimchi contains over 400 great probiotic bacteria that will do the body good. Take 2 tablespoons of kimchi 3 times a week.

Here are two great videos about the power of probiotics and gut health. See Links

Gut Reaction – Part 1 – see link – http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4067184.htm

Gut Reaction – Part 2 – see link – http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4070977.htm

Remove – Remove the following from your life.

Remove – No meat, no chicken, no fish, no seafood, no eggs, no cheese, no milk, no added oils, no canned foods, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no sugar, no artificial anything, no chemicals of any kind, and if you don’t know what it is don’t eat it.

Remove – No alcohol, no highly spiced food, and use very little salt, no fast food, no processed food, if in doubt don’t eat it, No MSG, chemicals are not good for the body. No wheat, no bread, no barley, no spelt, no rye – all of these are highly inflammatory.

Remove ALL GMO Foods – All of these GMO Foods are highly inflammatory, they cause cancer, and more. Lots of studies show that GMO food is toxic.

Eat Organic – Eat organic – organic foods are not full of toxic compounds that are terrible for the body.

Protein – If you want protein eat Organic Tofu, Beans, Nuts, Seeds, all organic. You only need 5 or 6 % protein and that is exactly what you get on this way of eating.

Eat None GMO Soy – There are a number of people who swear that soy is very important for MS – I eat soy every day, I feel it’s very important for good health. But there is a lot of controversy about soy… so follow your heart.

Exercise Every Day – walk – work up to 5 miles a day – if it’s hot outside… walk in a mall where it’s cool. Or swim – work up to 5 miles swimming, or you could bike ride or any other exercise that gets your heart pumping fast. You do have the time, you just have to make time and schedule exercise into your life everyday.

Herbs – Here are some herbs that I feel can help – ashwagandha, burdock root, dandelion root, chamomile, catnip, crampbark, devils claw, boswellia, licorice root, lemon grass tea, peppermint, oat straw tea, sage capsules, schizandra berries, stevia, valerian, turmeric, kombucha Tea,

Have Fun – Get out and have fun, have a life with friends…. that’s important for good mood and mental clarity.

Laugh – Lots of people have healed their minds and bodies by just laughing out loud every day. In fact in Yoga they practice laugh therapy and it’s amazingly healing.

Remember – Again I say – Eat Organic and Remove all GMO Foods from Your Life! This is extremely important – GMO foods are causing all kinds of diseases… and all those herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are creating havoc in our bodies.

Yoga and QiGong – There are many people who have MS that find that yoga works miracles – really – so find a good yoga instructor near you and do your yoga daily. And QiGong is amazing powerful for every disease… moving Ki and Chi into the body is always helpful.

Thinking – Think positive thoughts, the mind/body is one, and science has proven this now – it’s a fact that what you think changes your body.

Other Therapies – Also Hypnosis, Feldenkaris Therapy, Vibe Machine Therapy, Quantum Pulse Machine Therapy, EMDR, Music Therapy, Acupuncture, Sound Therapy, Color Therapy, and Biofeedback can be amazingly helpful for overcoming MS.

Forgive – Forgive, forget, and let go… that’s important! If you hold resentments and anger inside it hurts your body with high blood pressure, cancer, and more… science has proven this too.

Studies show that those with repressed anger have either cardiovascular problems and cancer, and I have seen even seizures created by repressed anger… and just about anything else can be created by unresolved anger.

Everything is Curable – Don’t listen to what all the Western Doctors have to say.

There have been many people who have been cured of MS – NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!!!

Here is a woman who was cured of MS – See link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoDt4nX3qEg

Gerson Clinics  – Also check out the Gerson Clinics at www.gerson.org – they have a wonderful track record of healing everything that western doctors say is not curable.

Spiritual Changes – From a spiritual standpoint MS is about having mental hardness, having hard-heartedness, having a very strong will, not being flexible, and full of fear… and I feel that “FEAR” is the real key.

All of this needs to be changed to love, love for self, and love for everyone else with amazing gratitude for being alive… love is always the key to everything in life.

Also chanting a specific name of God over and over again, singing praises to God is also important, and prayer or always healing… all these will make a huge difference.

If you have questions feel free to contact me… my consults are always FREE.











Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started… so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

All my consultations are FREE!

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