“Little Known Benefits of Hot Peppers”

“Hot peppers have the ability to boost a person’s sex life, increase brown fat, ward off pests, lower PSA levels and more.”

Hot Peppers can easily be frozen for later use

Hot Peppers can easily be frozen for later use

Sex Life – Most people don’t know that eating hot chili peppers can spice up their sex life. Hot peppers contain vasodilators that increase blood flow thus helping with erectile dysfunction.

Lot of Vitamin C – Chili peppers also have the highest amount of Vitamin C of all the edible veggies on the planet. Hot peppers are jam packed full of Vitamin C a powerful antioxidant that keeps away diseases such as cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer… plus they also help prevent colds and flues.

Pimples – A face cream made by adding red peppers can help with acne. Try some, but don’t make it too hot… keep it mild.

Addictive – Most people don’t know that eating hot peppers can become addictive. They create an endorphin rush that gives a person a feeling of being high for a short while.

Great Pain Killer – Hot Peppers contain capsaicin which kills pain… there are lots of creams, rubs, and plasters made with capsaicin in them to get rid of pain.

Anti-inflammatory – Hot peppers contain powerful anti-inflammatory agents that help with arthritis, joint pain, shingles, workout muscle soreness, swelling, stiffness, redness, and pain in general.

Little or No Calories – Hot peppers have little or no calories and boost metabolism… thus making them great for weight loss. Just a little bit of hot pepper sauce is all that’s needed to boost metabolism.

Creates More Brown Fat – Hot peppers contain capsinoids which make the body create more brown fat. Brown fat burns calories faster than white fat, and slim people usually have more brown fat cells than white fat cells. So in order to activate more brown fat cells in your body… eat more hot peppers.

Good Mood Peppers – Hot peppers contain capsaicin which is well known for mood enhancement and helping with depression and sadness… by creating more brain endorphins.

Helps With Allergies – Hot peppers are full of capsaicin that help with allergy symptoms. Used in conjunction with green tea hot peppers are a natural way to care of allergies.

Hot Probiotics – Kimchi is a Korean fermented cabbage that’s very spicy, and it also contains over 400 good probiotic bacteria that will boost the immune system.

Prevents Gastric Ulcers – Most people think that eating hot peppers is bad for gastric ulcers but that’s not so. Hot peppers make the stomach create more mucus to protect the stomach, and also kills invading bacteria that cause ulcers. But hot peppers should always be used in moderation, anything really hot is not good for the body… if not used in moderation.

Keeps Barnacles from Growing – Ships at sea have used toxic chemicals to keep barnacles from encrusting the bottom of their hulls. But by adding hot pepper agents to hull coatings barnacles will not attach themselves to ships… and it’s not toxic.

Pest Spray – Using capsaicin sprays can ward off bear attacks, elephant attacks, and dog attacks. Most animals on the rampage will be detoured by hot pepper spray.

In Africa they burn dung and hot pepper bricks that give off a noxious smoke that keeps elephants away.

And hot pepper sprays and other preparations have been used to keep mammals out of crops, but birds don’t seem to mind the heat peppers and will keep eating.

Prostate Cancer – Hot peppers also prevent the spread of prostate cancer and lower PSA levels.

Spicy Way to Lower Blood Sugar – Studies show that those who eat spicy meals have lower blood sugar levels… compared to those who eat bland diets.

Personal Protection – Hot pepper spray, pepper grenades, and paint balls filled with pepper are a good way to ward off attacks by those wanting to do harm. Pepper spray will incapacitate a person for a long period of time without doing serious harm.

There are so many different benefits of hot peppers.

But like everything else they should be used in moderation with care.











Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started… so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

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