“12 Benefit of Eating Jerusalem Artichokes”

“Jerusalem Artichokes are a great tasting treat, full of nutrition, with many health benefits… plus they are easy to grow and a versatile food.”

Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem Artichokes

Name – Jerusalem Artichokes are also called globe artichokes, Helianthus tuberosus, sunchoke, and many more names. And they are not really artichokes at all… they are the roots of a particular sunflower plant.

Where They Grow – Jerusalem Artichokes are a member of the sunflower family and like temperate climates, and thrive in the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and any other place in the world with a moderate climate.

History – The Native Americans were eating Jerusalem Artichokes when the first Europeans came to North America… thus they’ve been used as a food source for hundreds of years and perhaps longer.

Growing – Jerusalem Artichokes grow like a weed and once they get started they are hard to stop… so make sure you want them. But they are full of great nutrition and protein and take little effort to grow. They like average soil and lots of sun and will grow to be 8 to 10 feet tall with lots of yellow flowers. Anywhere sunflowers grow you can grow Jerusalem Artichokes.

Inulin – Jerusalem Artichokes are especially high in inulin… a soluble non-starch polysaccharide that promotes the growth of good bacteria in your gut.

Fiber – Jerusalem Artichokes are full of good fiber that promote the growth of probiotic bacteria in your gut and thus boost up your immune system. Most people eat less than 1/3 the amount of fiber they need… and fiber prevents cancer and constipation.

Taste – Jerusalem Artichokes are crisp and nutty… a nice combination.

Vitamins – Jerusalem Artichokes contain a good amount of vitamins including Vitamin A or beta-carotene a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C which prevents cardiovascular challenges, strokes, and cancer. Some B Vitamins for good mood and vitality, Vitamin E for sexual health and cardiovascular support, and a small amount of Vitamin K for proper clotting.

Antioxidants – Jerusalem Artichokes have a good amount of antioxidants that rid the body of free radicals and thus prevent DNA damage.

Minerals – Jerusalem Artichokes are full of great minerals, in fact they contain lots of iron and some copper for anemia, selenium and zinc for immunity, calcium for strong bones, lots of potassium for water regulation and heart health, and manganese and magnesium for enzyme production and immune support.

Good Source of Carbs – Jerusalem Artichokes are good source of carbs for energy… they contain about the same amount of carbs as potatoes.

Coffee Substitute – Jerusalem artichokes can be dried, roasted, and used as a coffee substitute.

Lots of Protein – Jerusalem Artichokes have more protein than other root veggies like potatoes… about 3 grams per cup.

Diabetes – Jerusalem Artichokes have a glycemic index of 50 which is a moderate glycemic index… which means Jerusalem Artichokes help regulate blood glucose. If you have diabetes use Jerusalem Artichokes instead of potatoes… they are much healthier.

Fat and Cholesterol Free – Jerusalem Artichoke are cholesterol free and almost completely fat free… making them great for low fat diets.

Flour – Jerusalem Artichokes can be dried and made into a versatile flour that can be made into pasta and bread… and the flour also contains inulin. – Wonderful!

Using – Jerusalem Artichokes can be used just like potatoes in soups, stews, casseroles, made into chips, baked, used in stir fries, steamed, mashed like potatoes, and the flour can be made into bread, pasta, cakes, muffins, and cookies, and many other dishes, plus they are great raw in salads. And if you google “Jerusalem Artichoke Recipes” lots of great ways to use these tubers will come up.

Other Uses – Jerusalem Artichokes have been used for make alcohol for beer and wine, making fructose, and animal feed.

Finding – If you google “buy jerusalem artichoke tubers” lots of places will come up including Amazon. Once they arrive you can eat them or grow them… and many places sell organic Jerusalem Artichokes.

Interesting Side Note – The renowned psychic Edgar Cayce recommended eating raw or cooked Jerusalem Artichokes at least twice a week or more… in order to prevent and treat diabetes, Edgar Cayce was well known for curing 40,000 people of disease.








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