The 7th Avatar – Chapter 1 

As a stranger rides across a hill moving through the white sands of the great desert. Coming upon a caravan of camels, he sees all the men looking in his direction, and they stop and ask who is that man? What is he here for? Being traders with a long caravan of camels they are afraid, they think he’s a marauding robber wanting to take their riches… so they draw their rifles ready for what’s to come.

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But as the stranger draws closer they can see he’s not afraid as he dismounts from his steed and walks toward the caravan leader, and put his chest upon the gun barrel. “Why are you here? We don’t know you… go away!” But the stranger pushes down the gun and looks into the eyes of the caravan leader. And he says “I am HE who has come from ‘THAT’. I am from the spirit of God as you are from God… or you may call it ‘Unconditional Love’. The One and Only, and I have come to express the love of the essence of ‘THAT’ to all mankind. You may see me as a man, but I am not a man… yet I am a man.”

Touch my hand and you shall understand said the stranger. And the caravan leader touches his hand and felt flesh and blood like any other man. Then the stranger said “touch my hand again.” And the man tried to touch the man once again but his hand went right through the strangers hand like a ghost, he wasn’t there at all. At that moment all of them who were part of the caravan prostrated themselves in the sand before the stranger.. for they knew that He was not of man.

And the caravan leader trembling said to the holy one, “Oh Holy One why have you come upon us? We are just lonely beggars moving a caravan across the desert.”

“I have come with the message from the One and Only. Right away you saw me as a threat and you were ready to kill me and leave me my body in the desert, allowing the buzzards to pick at my bones.”

“This is not love! The great ONE did not bring you here to kill. He’s brought you to this life to love with all your heart. Get up, stand tall, from this point on leave your weapons in the sand for you will not need them. Love does not need weapons, for the Great One is lives within your heart.”

“This great expanse, this blue planet placed in the great darkness above was given to man with love. When you see all things respond to love even the lion and the lamb, you will understand… thus you too will be given in kind the same love. Let go of all hatred, anger, all desires, and worry… for these things are not of the Great Holy One.”

And the caravan leader responded with “But what of those who come at us with guns… what are we supposed to do?” And the holy one answered “You cannot extinguish by fire with fire, it can only be extinguished by water, the great softness that allows all things to grow and expand on this planet. Be at peace, and show your peace to all those who come upon you as I did, and great things will come to you. For water can wear away stone… even the stone within the heart of man.”

“Be not afraid for if you leave this plane you will be with Me in total bliss… do not tremble, I am always with you.”And at that moment he mounted his steed and rides off across the dunes never to be seen by the caravan for many decades.

From that day forward those in the caravan were different, they never carried weapons… and they welcomed all who came their way. They shared whatever they had, for they knew that what the stranger had said to them was true. Love is the strongest force in the Universe, and love cannot not be overcome by anything… if we absolute have true conviction in our heart.

To be continued…

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