The 7th Avatar – Chapter 2 – “The Beggar and the Oasis”

Chapter 2 – “The Beggar and the Oasis”

The stranger rides across the blazing sand and comes to a beautiful oasis. With palm trees full of dates and many fruits trees, and the blue water of the oasis.

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As his camel drinks a beggar comes upon him and asks for alms. I have nothing said the beggar, won’t  you please help me? I’m alone here in this oasis and I feel lonely because there is no one else. And the stranger answers you are never alone, God is always with you… the Great One. The One and Only that lives in your heart. I too am alone, but I never feel alone because I know that He is always with me.

Wake up from a dream you are not a beggar, you are more powerful than you think. See that you can walk away from here, and do anything, because you have the Great One that lives within your heart.

For if you see yourself as lonely and alone then God is along and lonely and this can never be. Go inward my friend and find the One and Only for He will comfort you. Close your eyes and sit on the banks of the oasis, and know that you are held in His arms for all eternity. Feel his presence know that He is… and that.. “I AM”.

In the mist of your silence you will find great strength for in the chaos of the world there is nothing, only bewilderment and anxiety. Do not allow your mind to run away and create chaos within, your mind is your worst enemy and your greatest gift. Focus your mind on the Great One and go out and help mankind… find a way to make a difference in the world.

He uses your arms to hold those who are lost and need His strength so they can regain their own strength. Use your words to bolster them up and regain their self-confidence, so they can find their heart which is like a lion, instead of folding back within themselves.

Look upon them with great compassion or for they are like you, and they too will walk with great strides… and make great things happen on this earth like you. They were like you now, but give them time and they too will become masters of their own domain, and know how to change the world in order to do God’s will and create heaven on earth. Not just for the rich but for everyone for all have the heart of God within.

Many of the richer are lost, do not waste your breath upon them that do not want to listen, for many of them only know greed… and this will take them nowhere in the end. When they finally leave this plane and go to Him they will feel all the pain they have created, and feel the suffering they could have alleviated. And they will feel the all the sadness in the hearts of many. For they will judge themselves and feel all the great pain they have inflicted. Then they will have another chance to make things right… until they hear the voice of God within.

Always listen with your heart, your ears do not hear what the heart feels within. The heart knows what the mind cannot understand. The heart feels everything even before words are spoken. The heart is the essence of man, meditate upon your heart and it will bring you great joy… the bliss of God, the Great One.

You have everything you need to go out and help those who are suffering, this is your purpose… remember this. Many ask who is going to help those who are dying, who is going to help those who are sick, and those who were hungry. But you are the arms, legs, ears, and eyes of God and you are here to do His work to end all suffering.

Then the beggar was transformed with a great peace that came upon him, and he knew what his purpose was… as he nodded he was filled with a feeling of great contentment. That all was well, and that all would be well from this moment on.

And with that the stranger mounted is camel and rode off into the desert.

Dr. Paul Haider

To be continued…







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