The 7th Avatar – Chapter 3 – “The Gatekeeper”

The stranger rides his camel slowly to a small village on the edge of a great desert. He dismounts from his camel and walk towards the gate where a guard stands protecting the village. And the guard says, who are you? what do you want? We don’t like strangers here. And the stranger answers, I am from God and I’m here to bring blessings, and teach the people about Love.

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And the gatekeeper said, but do you have real business in this village. And a stranger answered, what is more real than teaching love, most of what people do everyday has everything to do with love, but most people never think of love… as they go about their day.

And the guard answered, that’s not real business, that has nothing to do with bringing money to this village. And a stranger answers, so what is real business, to have anxiety and stress? My business is of the heart, not of the head, everything has to do with the heart, our head must follow our heart, for in the past we’ve had it all wrong… and it’s time to make that change.

People follow only money now, and that leads to great stress and anxiety, and they feel terrible inside because they are not following their heart. To follow our heart lead to greater pastures of love within which brightens their soul. Money is only a tool that we use to help others. That is the true reason for having money to help others… and there is no other reason. When we start living with great love in our heart we smile at everyone, there is no reason to smile, but we smile just because we are full of love. We don’t have to have a reason to smile, feeling great inside is free, and that joy must be generated from the heart. For the heart must be full of love to create peace… and a smile of great contentment from within.

Everything you say is not true said the gatekeeper. How can we be happy without an abundance of money that we can store away, and make sure that we will always have money to get by on? I will not be without my money… they will have to pry the gold from my cold dead hands. I worked hard for my gold and I will not just give it to some beggar on the street so he can squander it on something. That’s ludicrous, that will never happen… you must be crazy.

And the stranger said, we must be like the birds of the season for God is always with them, they find what they need even during the harshest of winters… and winter comes every year. I wise man gives much and expects little, a poor man is one who gives little and expects much. See money as it is, do not allow money to take over thy soul, for gold and silver is like a disease that takes over thy being.

Live your life like there’s no tomorrow, but do not be extravagant, live with little and have much within thy heart.

Fill your life with the riches of friends and love ones, they are the true jewels of this earth. Be a true friend to everyone, and expect none to be your friend, for people become our friends when we put energy into being their friend. At that moment the gatekeeper burst into tears and said, you are right, I have no friends, no loved ones, no one cares about me, because I only care about money. And look what it’s money brought me. I’m alone with my riches, I go home to an empty house, people shun me because I don’t help them, or even talk to them… because I’m afraid they want my gold.

And with that the stranger put his hand upon the gatekeepers shoulder. And that very second the gatekeepers heart melted, and you could see all the peace within his being, and love on his face… a feeling of peace and love he had never experienced before.

And the gatekeeper said, I finally understand…you may pass as tears rolled down his face. Thus the stranger entered the village and making his way through the narrow streets.

To be continued…

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