The 7th Avatar – Chapter 5 – “The Dung Beetle”

As the stranger walks down the street a wagon is moving towards him. Then all of the stranger jumps in front of the wagon shouting STOP. Then he bends down and picks up a dung beetle that would have been crushed by the wheels of the wagon.

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And the wagon driver shouts, what are you doing trying to stopped me, you crazy man! And he jumps from his wagon ready to strike the stranger. But the stranger slowly moves to the side of the road and lays down the dung beetle, which scurries off never to be seen again. And the driver shouts… you stopped me for a dung beetle?

But the stranger just looks at him and smiles and steps to the side of the road. Then the stranger says, even the lowliest of all animals, even the rocks on the road, even the dust of the road contain the essence of the Great One. We must have great respect for all that is living in the eyes of God. Be it a human being, a dung beetle, a rock, the sun, the moon, they all contain the breath of life of the living cosmos itself. All are instilled with the breath of God. None are lower in stature in the eyes of Him.

Every time we crush an insect, kill an ant, swat a mosquito we have caused great harm to our karma. So it is… that we must care for those who are less fortunate in the way of animals, insects, and plants and evening the scum that grows on a pond. This is our duty, for everyone of them are divine beings just like you and me. Oh they may not walk and talk and do supposed great things, but they do feel. Even the lowliest of little animals feels and backs away from hot, cold, and other things that bother them. We may think they are something inferior, but in the eyes of the Great One they are not inferior at all. They are the essence of pure consciousness. Do not feel superior to them, for to crush them puts our karma in a negative tailspin towards darkness.

I see you rid with a dog, does not your dog listen to do what you say?

And the driver says; Yes of course!

And the stranger says; let me tell you this… a dog will lick his owner which is his way of kissing his owner, and he will care for his owner no matter what the owner does. A dog will even give up his life for his owner. Is this not true consciousness? Is this not true love? Is this not unconditional love? There are many men that will not die for their friends. And people will even become angry, and leave, and never talk to a person again if they just “Think” they are treated badly. But a dog will love no matter what. A dog is happy when we are happy, a dog will be sad when we are sad, a dog even knows when we are sick. And they will come unto us, and lay down beside us to try to make us feel good again. How many people will do that?

Consciousness is not an attribute of being large or small, it has to do with love. Love is the beginning and end of all things. There are those great avatars and enlightened beings who choose to come back just to be rocks, because they can love from afar all that is going on around them. Silence is the attribute of pure understanding, contentment, and spiritual understanding of self. For it’s only boastful man that thinks he is much more than he is. A rock does not destroy the planet, poison the water, and kill one another. Only the ego and pride of man has the ability to destroy. Do not see yourself superior to anyone or anything, be humble, be still, and ye shall know My name.

And the driver says; You are right, my dog is my best friend. He’s even saved me from wild animals and thieves hiding along the road. And no matter what I do he is always there for me, a true friend like no other. Forgive me… for with the hustle and bustle of living life I’ve forgotten my humble place in the cosmos.

Then the stranger touches his shoulder and all of sudden the driver sits down on the side of the road and closes his eyes for 5 minutes… and then awakens from his slumber. And the driver says, you’ve given me a gift, you’ve allowed me to see my place in this vast cosmos that stretches across all eternity… I finally understand, thank you for such a great gift!

And with that the stranger bows to the driver and walks off down the street.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider








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