The 7th Avatar – Chapter 6 – “The Hiding Man”

As the stranger walks down the narrow streets of the village he comes upon a small man hiding in a corner. The small man is covered with grime and tries not to attract attention. But the stranger walks over and says; why are you hiding? And the  small man says; I was hungry and asked for food from a merchant, but all he did was run me off with a sword trying to kill me. I’m hiding here trying to avoid attention so he can’t find me. And the stranger answers; If you take a camel and pick up a large stick and hit the camel hard, the camel will flee and hide and never return. The camel becomes fearful, for this is the camel’s true nature.

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And so too… if we fill a manger full of hay the camel is attracted to the hay, this also is the camel’s true nature. But man is full of divinity, he does not have to flee or hide, he has a choice for man has true higher consciousness within. The divine nature of man is not like that of animals. Man can choose what to do and decide not to be afraid. And because man is made in the image of God or The One and Only man should never be afraid of anything. Think of a clear pond upon which a reflection is shown to anyone that looks within. When a monkey looks upon his own reflection it’s flees in fear, even though it’s only a reflection. Man knows much more than that, man knows that the reflection cannot hurt him, so he does not flee… in fact he likes to looking at his own reflection.

But man has grown accustomed to being fearful in other ways. Even though man knows that there is a thin veil between life and death. And man has been told by all those who have come back from death, that there is no death… man is still afraid. In fact the very instant man is born he becomes trapped in his mind, because pain and suffering keeps him connected to the body. As soon as a baby is born he’s slapped on his bottom and he starts to cry, and at that moment he knows pain and suffering. Let me tell you this, your body is just a vessel for that which is eternal, it holds the eternal light of the Great One. And like wine poured into a bottle the essence of the light takes on the form of the bottle. For God the Eternal One has made the light and He too has made the bottle. And the bottle is important because the bottle allows us to work and take action in this life.

But we are not the bottle, the bottle has been given to us as a gift to take care of… for long as we need it. Care for the bottle, be loving and kind to the bottle, but the essence within the bottle is all important. Be not attracted to the bottle, that appearance of the bottle keeps man trapped in this world, thus they start loving only the bottle. We are not of this world… we came to this world from Him. And thus we are the divine essence is of Him. Thus we should not be afraid of anything, for God, the One and Only is not afraid of anything.

Man is about to awaken from the slumber, for man is starting to understand that he is more than just flesh and blood. That he is the essence of all that exists in the Universe. And if we are the essence of everything, why should we be afraid of ourselves? For everything that happens to anyone is only a shadow of what we believed within our heart. Be fearful and more fear will be brought unto thee. Be loving and kind and more love will be brought unto thee.

This process does take time, we have karma to unwind and be undone, thus the essence of love is expressed for always eternity. Thus once karma is nullified and the true loving nature of man is finally expressed he is awakened. Thus when man expresses his true nature of love, over and over again, without fear of anything… he finally takes his rightful place. So be not like the camel! Straighten up, walk tall, be full of truth, and awaken from your slumber. Go find this merchant, walk straight up to the merchant and say, if you want to kill fine… but I will not hide. I only asked for crumbs and you give me the sword, what of kind of loving kindness is that? You are the essence of God, and your karma will bring back to you… whatever you create in this life time.

And the small man said; Yes stranger you are right, I will not hide anymore, for if I am to be One with my Maker I have to stand tall. And at that point the stranger touched his shoulder, and the small man was filled with courage and deep peace.

And the small man went back to the merchant, and the merchant was speechless when he heard what the small man had to say, and broke down in tears. And the merchant said, you are right! I was afraid, because at one time I too was hungry… just like you. Forgive me it’s been a long time, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be hungry. Thus he handed the small man a large loaf of bread, and they both nodded to one another… and went on their way.

And the stranger seeing this also nodded in satisfaction and walked off down the street.

To be continued…

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