The 7th Avatar – Chapter 8 – “A Bucket of Cool Water”

The stranger walks the streets of the village and then comes back to the square to the well for a drink of water. He pulls the bucket to the top and sips the cold water. Soon a man walks over beside him and says; Very soon they will charge us for this water, for they say in the desert water is light gold, thus we need to pay for the water. What do you think of that stranger?

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And a stranger says; to know thyself is also like gold, but to know thyself is also free. But very few partake of that which is free, most are always mesmerized by everything around them… thus keeping them from going inward. The gold of the soul is available to everyone, but some say the soul does not exist, and others say what difference does it make. There are only a few than know the priceless nature of the gold of the soul. Remember that which is important is always free.

Life was given to man by God the One and Only. Even his body was given to him freely, the waters which make up the blood of man are given to him freely, there are no tolls or taxes upon his conception. And all that exists on this blue planet was created freely to be enjoyed by all… to be enjoyed by all the animals, plants, and even man. That which was given freely does not belong to any one individual or a group, it belongs to the collective of the ONE. How can man charged for that which was given as a gift by God… the Great and Only One?

When we come to this plane we are naked, we don’t even have clothes, and we will leave this plane in a similar way. We are to care for each other and everything we are given on this plane, and thus freely give that which was given to us… to everyone else. The plants breathe the air without taxation or charge, animals breathe the air without taxation are charged… and so too we breathe the air without taxation or charge.

We should listen to those men who tell us what we should do… only with our heart. For the heart knows truth, and thus we should use this truth to guide our soul. To blindly follow brings chaos to the planet. A man who follows his heart is always at peace, and a man who blindly listens to authority doing whatever is said… is truly lost. For peace has alluded their souls and emptiness fills their heart. For God gave man a heart in order to ponder those things which are brought to him… in order to decide with wisdom and not just knowledge. This does not mean we should bring chaos and havoc to the world, it means we should resist that which is the opposite of love. We all know that which is full of light and love. We feel everything deep… and we know when we are doing something incompatible with love.

There is no need for anger, hatred, or retaliation. The light will guide us on our path, it will tell us which way to turn, what to do, and how to accomplish our goal. All the great accomplishment beings of the past walked against the tide. And many times the decree of man was incompatible with love. These great accomplished beings came with the same message… that we must see everything through the eyes of love, listen to everything with the ears of love, speak only words of love, take conscious action with love, and have great compassion for one and all.

Let me tell you this… this is not an easy path for everything we do must be weighed on the scales of the heart. Everything we do has a loving way to go about accomplishing each and every task. There are many hard choices, but in the end our heart will be full of bliss when we follow love.

Remember… we should listen with our heart, our heart will bring us what we need to know. Never be afraid for God, the One and Only, the Universe, is always with us. God lives within our heart, and even at the moment of death there is no death, because the soul becomes free to be with God. So dance in this world with a joyous heart, and know that all will be perfection if we follow our heart for all eternity and create a world full of love.

To be continued…

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