The 7th Avatar – Chapter 9 – “The Healing of War”

As the stranger was standing at the well, an old man walked up with his son which he held by the hand. This was not a young boy, his son was a grown man. Yet the old man held his hand and guided his son to the well. He dip water from the bucket and pressed the dipper against his son’s lips so he could drink. It was though the son was physically there but is mind was gone. And the old man said to the stranger; my son was in the great war, and he returned he like this.

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And the stranger said that the old man; God, the Universe, and the Only One, did not intend for us to go to war. God never intended for us to kill one another. We must remember that before our conception, we come from a place of bliss, love, and light. We know nothing of war, that is beyond our comprehension on the others side of the veil. So we come to this plane full of light, bliss, and enjoy emanating from our being. And war is just a opposite of what we inherit from the other side of the veil. We come to this plane to heal and bring love to the planet. Even though we know there will be pain and suffering that we will go through while we are here.

When we are babies our minds are full of bliss. Look at a newborn baby… they smile, look around and are happy. And as long as the parents are happy and loving, the child grows up with love in his heart. But if the parents are full of anger, guilt, and shame so too the child grows up to be in same. Our minds are molded depending upon what we learn while we are here on this plane. For most what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, and feel, all make a difference as to what we will be like later on in life.

This also means that when we are made to go to war and see horrific things that no one should see. This impacts our mind and soul in such a horrific way that sometimes our mind shuts down in order to protect our soul… just like your son. It was so terrible that he cannot deal with the memories, so he shuts all of it out, in order to be able to survive and keep his soul from being tainted.

Love is the only answered to healing all of this! If loving kindness were all we knew on this plane there would be no wars. There would be no loss of life, no suffering, no stress and anxiety. Wars would be substituted with coming together and learning to compromise in order to create a better world. All wars would end, because compassion would be the most important aspect of living on this plane.

But there can be healing for those who come back from war. To go inward in silence creates inner peace which negates all the terrible things that they experienced during the war. To simply concentrate on their breathing, allows everything else to move farther and farther away. Doing this for 20 minutes every morning and every evening soothes the soul. It soothes the emotional turmoil which is going on inside, allowing for peace to set in, and sooner or later a smile appears which comes from being at peace. This is all about connecting to the Source, to God, the Universe, the One and Only in blissful silence. This is what we hear on the other side of the veil, it seems like music to our ears on the other side… but in reality it’s blissful peace.

And at that moment the stranger placed his hands on both sides of the young man’s head and close the young man’s eyes. Then the stranger closes eyes, and went deep within in meditative prayer. And a beautiful light moved from the stranger into the young man… it was like a flow of energy that crossed from one being into another. Everyone in the area could see this amazingly bright light moving from one man to another. The light was bright white and created a feeling of peace in everyone that could see it. Then the stranger removed his hands from the young man’s head. And the young man opened his eyes and everyone could see a difference. It was as though he had awakened from a deep slumber. And then he started talking to his father, something he had not done since he had returned from the great war. The old man’s son was back to normal.

And the old man fell to his knees with tears running down his face and screamed; Thank you stranger! Thank you for everything! Finally my boy is back! I am so grateful to God and to you! And the stranger said it’s not me, it is Him, the Great One… the One and Only who does all healing. And the old man nodded his head with great joy in his heart.

To be continued…

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