The 7th Avatar – Chapter 10 – “Tell Us More”

And as the stranger turned around there was a large crowd behind him, and they had all watched the great miracle of the healing the young man. Everyone of them had their eyes wide open in awe, and there was a feeling of peace surrounding everyone of them. Then one of them spoke up; Tell me stranger, if this is Gods work, tell us me more about God, the Universe, and the One and Only. We feel small, alone, and empty in this great world… please tell us more.

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And the stranger said; Do not feel alone for God lives within our heart. Every time we feel alone we negate that God lives within us, and that is not true. No one is ever alone! It is only that we forget that we contain the essence of God within. And after awhile we started thinking it’s me that does all of these great works on this planet. And we start to believe that is the great deceiver, the “I”, the ego that is in control of the universe. But ego wants to puff us up with pride and forget our humility. For God, the Universe, and the One and Only is very humble and allows us to think whatever we want. But let me tell you this… all power comes from HIM… the Great and Only One, but we always have a choice in all things.

All the great avatars before me have come and said the same things, that you can do all this and more. The great unlimited power of God, the One and Only lives within every one of us. There is nothing that is impossible as long as we acknowledge that is not “US” that does the work. It is God, the One and Only working through us creating everything that happens in the universe. Think of our bodies, it is the spark of life that God gave to that body that creates life. For a body without life is just a body, the creative source of God, the One and Only pulses forth to create a living breathing being. Be it a fish, a frog, or a beautiful butterfly all are filled with the essence of life of God… the One and Only.

All miracles are miracles of God. For God the One and Only is the highest vibration within the multiverse, and because of that… all things are possible. Is up to man to raise his vibration level to that which is equal to God. For we are one with Him, but we do not vibrate at the same vibrational level, because of our thoughts, our words, and our actions contain lower vibrational frequencies. We think thoughts of anger, envy, and greed and many more emotional responses which lower our vibrational connection to God.

Our bodies are the temple that houses the great power of God, the One and Only. Disease is the lowering of our vibrational frequency which allows degradation of the body. Think of the body as light, but better yet think of the body as fire. If we pour water upon the fire the fire goes out. But if we place more wood upon the fire, the fire blazes ever brighter. Thus when our fire is bright we can heal everyone and everything. It takes great faith to keep the fire burning bright, and very few so far have attained that great vibrational frequency of God.

For let me tell you this… do not look to the heavens for God, look within your own heart and the hearts of all those around you. And even if a man is filled with anger and hatred, deep within there is a light of God overshadowed by the darkness… never forget this. It’s easy to forget that God lives within some people who are angry or hateful. But these people need love even more than the ones that are filled with love. Kiss their feet, be humble, loving, and kind to them, and hopefully one day they too will be filled with the great light of love.

There is one saving grace, when many gather together to praise with gratitude the Great One, the vibrational frequency of each one multiplies a hundred fold. There is power and strength when many people come together in the name of love. And armed with love there is nothing, and I say that again “NOTHING” that cannot be accomplished with love. Remember this and everyone shall be filled with peace and everything shall be healed. For God, the Universe, the One and Only is love, and love shall always be God… and the two can never be separated.

And with that the stranger looked around the crowd and all were in tears.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider




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