The 7th Avatar – Chapter 11 – “What is Most Important”

As the stranger looks around near the well he sees many hands raised in the back of the crowd, and he points to one of those people who says; Tell us what’s most important of all the things you have told us. Bring it down to the essence of exactly what’s important. You talk about love, but what part of love is really the most important. There is the love of a child, love of parents, love of friends, and so much more, but tell me the essence of that which could heal the world… this is what I want to know.

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Then the stranger moves over to a large rock which sits in this center the square. He climbs to the top of rock and looks out over the crowd and begins to speak; let me tell you this… it is all important! But if there is one important thing which cannot be forgotten— is to Forgive, Forget, and Move On. These 3 are the essence which will heal the world. Right now there so much hatred, anger, and revenge in the world caused by not heeding these 3 concepts.

First of all we must forgive ourselves, for all of us have done some type of wrong to someone else… and brought pain to their lives. Every single person has created some situation in which anger, hatred, and revenge eventually were manifest from old wounds. We are all human, and we all make mistakes, and because of that… everyone of us has made mistakes. It is not that we should always be perfect and not make mistakes, that would be impossible. Even the most well-intentioned person makes mistakes. For we do not know the mind of the other person, and for that reason when we think something is good, it can be thought of something terrible by the other person. For even the most loving and caring person makes mistakes, for we do not know what the other person has gone through in their lifetime. We cannot read minds, something which is good for one person… can be deemed bad for another.

This means no matter what… we need to learn to forgive. For forgiveness not only releases the one who did wrong, it also releases the victim. For to be caught up in anger is truly a prison, a prison of our own making, which destroys the body and spirit from the inside out. And that anger only breeds hatred, which in the end breeds revenge. And thus the cycle continues, from one generation to another. It becomes so bad that even some generations forget what the anger is all about. But in the meantime anger causes diseases of our mind, body, and our spirit. Thus we become victims of our own anger which leads to a very life, inner turmoil, and a lack of true happiness. This we do to ourselves!

Thus forgiveness is the most important aspect of love. Without forgiveness everything in life disintegrates, and there is no quality of life. The second most important aspect of love is to “forget”. For if we stay focused on anger, and never forget the whole process there is no such thing as healing. When we truly forgive we must forget, and allow that which is in the past to be buried in the past. Thus we concentrate on all which is good in life, letting go of the past, and seeing that which is important through the eyes love.

Thus we bring about the third aspect, to move on with life. Everyone can tell when somebody truly forgives and forgets… for they move on with life and are happy again. To move on with life is imperative, for the past is the past, and we we must live in the here-and-now. For if we allow ourselves to be stuck in the past, there is no present, and there is no future. Our quality-of-life crumbles from then on, for we just keep repeating the same process over and over again.

And at home in the family, the process of something happening and forgiveness… makes the bond of love even stronger. For it is the one who forgives who is really the stronger of the two people. It is easy to be forgiven, but blessed are those who forgive, forget, and move on. For God, the One and Only, sees those who forgive as being angelic, loving, and kind. Those full of anger should not see themselves as strong. The stronger of the two is the one who forgives and allows life to carry-on, thus creating peace and love in the world.

Thus all things would be healed in the world with forgiveness, forgetting, and moving on… thus these 3 are the most important aspects of love.

To be continued…

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