The 7th Avatar – Chapter 13 – “What About Physical Suffering”

And the stranger looked upon the crowd and in the back was a very old crippled woman who was hunched over with a cane, with her hand up in the air wanting attention. And the stranger looked upon her and she said; Why do all of us have to suffer with disease and old age, when there is bliss on the other side? It doesn’t seem right that I am hunched over, and in pain all the time, and have so many health complaints that don’t even exist on the others side of the plane. Please tell me about this stranger!

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And the stranger looked at the old woman and said to everyone; We come into this life to learn lessons, some are easy, some are very hard. Some of this has to do with karma from the past, there is so much of karma that has to be overcome. One of the best ways to overcome karma is to say the name of God over and over again. Be it a name like Yahweh, Jesus, Krishna, Elohim, Qanna, and many more names… but it has to be more than just the name God. Say this name thousands of times each day and soon karma will start to unwind. The name of God is powerful and karma has no choice but to unwind and let go when the song of God’s name is uttered.

Some lessons come to us to awaken the higher vibration of who we are deep down inside, thus moving us to a higher plane of understanding and love. Even pain can make us more compassionate and loving, or pain can make us bitter and angry, the choice is ours. For you see every avatar that has ever come has said the same thing, we have a choice, we can choose according to our deep-seated will. God, the Universe, and the One and Only will never take our power of choice away. This is our power to “choose”, for every time we make a choice it leads us down a different path… one of suffering or one of love.

Some paths are full wisdom and great character, and other paths are a full of anger, despair, and pain. In fact it’s not so much the path that matters, it’s how we deal with all our choices from a place of inner dialogue with God. For you see every second we are in dialogue with the One and Only. Every choice we make is a resounding crescendo of vibration that explodes out into the Universe. Thus we are always talking with God, there is not a single second that we are not talking with HIM. But for most people the inner dialogue with God is about anger, disappointments, despair, and it’s all about “ME”.

But those that are filled with light have the same challenges, the same aches and pains, the same diseases, and the same misfortunes put upon them… but they see things in a very different way. And thus what some call misfortune becomes gratitude and lovingkindness no matter what the situation. This attitude of lovingkindness with joy and acceptance… leads to happiness and laughter. Which heals the mind and body according to spirit, bringing about an acceptance of our reality instead of fighting reality. For you see it’s not so much the path that we follow, it’s how we deal with it. And every time we fight against the reality that we are in… pain and suffering is amplified.

Plus it’s also great faith that creates healing from God, given with grace to those who love with all their heart… and those who are humble at all times. Faith so strong that they don’t need to see miracles, faith so powerful that’s harder than stone… yet softer than the lacy wing of a dove. Faith heals everything from the inside out, placing a person in a realm of deep peace… and in this peace no harm can come to them. For most people the feeling of peace only comes through the process of meditation… and that peace stays with them for a short time. Thus it’s important to meditate upon the heart of God and find that deep peace.

And because God, the Universe and the One and Only lives within each and every heart… it’s important to meditate upon loving kindness of the heart. And by doing this we change the path that we are on and end suffering, find compassion, embrace contentment, and find peace for all eternity. At the same time our wisdom and character grows with each passing moment connected to God’s heart. For in silence we see that all things are connected, and that all paths lead to the same place. Eventually we come to a place of complete understanding, where everything is accepted… knowing that it’s all for the greater good.

And with that the stranger beckoned the old woman to come to him and she did. And the stranger jumped down from the rock and took his hands and pulled her up until she was standing straight. Then in silence the stranger prayed for her and commanded the old woman to walk without pain, and so she did… throwing away her cane in great joy!

To be continued…

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