The 7th Avatar – Chapter 14 – “Our True Destiny”

All the people around were astounded as the old woman walked away upright and pain free. But at that point they turned around and the stranger was gone. He started walking down the street towards the main gate, and passed the gate keeper and the old woman who had lost her daughter… and mounted his camel and moved off into the desert. Soon he came upon another man riding a camel in the same direction and they started to talk. And the rider said; Why is it that nothing goes right? Every time I make plans it all seems to turn to chaos. I want to be rich but it seems that something is holding me back. Tell me stranger… what do you think?

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And the stranger said; There is more to life than just making plans, everyone of us has a destiny to be fulfilled. Destiny is like time… it moves across the expanse of the cosmos in gigantic waves. And we all have a destiny that will come to pass according to the will of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. What any individual wants for his destiny may not be the same as what God wants for his destiny. Deep down inside we know this to be true, we have longings to do God’s will in amazing ways. We can even see ourselves giving and spreading love, yet for some reason every time we make a choice… we choose the world instead of God’s will.

This has nothing to do with money, money has nothing to do with our destiny? But are we listening? That is the big question! Fulfilling the soul is what life is all about. To make the longings of the heart a reality with humble reverence to the One and Only, that is the true essence of destiny. For some reason we keep thinking it’s “My Will” that matters, but it’s God’s will that matters. We know what we want to do… deep down in our heart, but we keep letting money get in our way, thus our true destiny is never fulfilled.

I can tell you right now you are not interested in money, you really want to help people and make a difference in their lives. This is the true longing of your heart my friend, and God lives within your heart. Yet you keep moving along on your camel thinking that a great amount of riches will fulfill your heart. Riches have nothing to do with fulfilling the heart, for the heart is only concerned with emotional fulfillment. And this is only achieved when we help others in selfless ways.

And the camel rider looked at the stranger with tears streaming down his face and said; You are right, I keep avoiding my true destiny, because I feel I have obligations to others that must be kept. Yet the only true obligation I have is to God and His will. I will let you in on his secret, I have want to help other people… yet I’m filled with fear that if I do so friends will mock me, laugh at me, and turn their backs on me, saying I am a failure. And many of those are even my own family members, people I look up to, and feel are important in my life. How can I walk away from all that?

And the stranger answers; When all is said and done and you cross to the other side of the veil you will look back and see how your soul has progressed and none of what any mortal has said about the progression of your soul will be important. When it comes to money, it will be fulfilled in one way or another, but only what you need, not what you want… this has been written many times in spiritual texts by all the avatars. Do not fear what others say, look deeply within your heart and connect with what you know is truth. And there you’ll find all the answers. By following your heart all things will be fulfilled, and God will bring great achievements to thee. And in the end everything will work out exactly as it should be. So do not worry about what others think, for in the end they will look up to you and follow your advice, because you are full of great wisdom and powerful character… a man who marches against the tide.

And as for your children what would you want? To give them money or to give them great wisdom from which they can live a wonderful life? This is not an easy path, for every time you turnaround you will look back and wonder if you’ve done the right thing. But if you follow your true destiny, you will be happy, fulfill, and full of contentment. And you will sleep like a baby at night, feeling nurtured in the loving arms of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

And the camel rider looked at the stranger and said; You are right, I am turning back for it’s time to fulfill my own soul and help others. And in the end all will be great, I must have faith in God, the Universe, and the One and Only. And with that the camel rider turned around and started moving in the other direction.

To be continued…

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