The 7th Avatar – Chapter 15 – “The Thieves and the Watering Hole”

The stranger road forward across the desert, and soon came upon an out cropping large red rocks. In the middle of these large rocks was a watering hole for camels and sheep. And there were three women from a nearby village watering a flock of black and white sheep. Then all of a sudden a band of robbers came out from behind the rocks taking the sheep and threatening the women with great harm. But as the stranger road up on his camel everything stopped because they were surprised to see someone. And the stranger jumped down from his camel and the robbers started shooting. At first the shots penetrated and blood appeared. But within seconds the holes in his clothing, the wounds, and the blood disappeared as though it were a miracle.

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At that point the robbers lay down their guns and prostrated themselves unto the stranger. Then the trembling leader said; Who are you Holy One? What do you want? And the stranger said; I have come to teach love, I am from God, the Universe, and the One and Only. I am the living soul, the eternal soul which can never be hurt. The soul is create by God which does not have a beginning or an end. It is only you that believe in the finite. Rise up and look me, and so the leader got up and looked at the Holy One. Be not afraid for I have not come to hurt you. But to hurt other people and take that which belongs to them is also not of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Why do you do such things?

And the leader said, all of us have lost our farms, our crops have failed… and our families are starving. We really don’t want to steal but we have no other means of feeding our families. Oh holy one what should we do?

And the stranger said; One must have faith in God that He will help us through the hard times. Many have suffered but they do not bend themselves to a lower vibration. God understands why people do this, yet feeding the body is not the most important aspect of this life. Everyone is put through hard lessons to see what they will do under stress, and how they will react during times of great trouble. This is when faith is most important. It’s not when things are going well, it’s easy to be full of love when things are great. It’s only when things are bad that our true nature comes out. Deep down inside of everyone there is nothing but love. And it’s important to remember that and not allow times of stress to take over… and negative energies to be brought forth.

There is a possibility of moving and starting over. And there is also the possibility going inward and listening to God, the Universe, and the One and Only… for He will tell you what do to. For every situation there is an answer, that answer comes from God deep within your heart. A loving answer that will always find a way to create a better way of dealing with each and every situation. For to have great faith means doing everything it takes to make the situation better according to God, the Universe, and the One and Only. It’s about raising our vibration and filling ourselves with love for everyone and everything. It’s about helping others and not concentrating on ourselves, for when we help others we… end up helping ourselves. For the vibration we put out into the world, also comes back to the one who created that vibration. Remember we are always being tested!

And the leader said; You are right Holy One, we gave up on the Universe and started down a path that in the end only leads to our own destruction. Not only of our flesh and blood… but more importantly to the ideals of love and our connection to God the One and Only. We’ve been lost for a long time now, and we’ve been caught up in the material realm of  the world thinking only of ourselves. We cannot live like this anymore, we have to go back to our families and teach our children what’s right, just, and full of love. For we do not want our children to follow down this path. That would be terrible, so we have to start anew and teach our children according to what we do… not what we say.

And the stranger nodded walked over and touched the leader on the shoulder. All of a sudden all the men in the group crouched down in deep silence and stayed there for a long time in a deep trance. An hour later the stranger touched the leader again and they all came back to this realm but were not the same… for a feeling of great peace had come over each and everyone of them. They were different and all of them were in tears, for they had seen what the Universe was all about, and the bliss that awaits them on the other side of the veil. And when the men rose up they nodded to the stranger and wandered back to their village.

And the stranger nodded to the women and rode off…

To be continued…






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