The 7th Avatar – Chapter 16 – “About to Be Whipped”

And the stranger rode up to another village and got off his camel and walked into the square. Where a man was being tied between two posts and large man holding a whip was getting ready to whip the man until close to death. Then the stranger walk up close to the man about to be whipped and asked him what he had done. And the man said; I spoke up saying that women were equal to men and that they should be treated as equals. They are not property, they have the same rights as men. But those in charge here did not like my words and have decided to whip me within an inch of my life.

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And the stranger turned around and large man said; Get out of the way or I will whip you too! And the stranger answered; I will not move. And so the man with the whip lashed at the stranger and tore through his face and down across his chest. Blood gushed forth and then all of a sudden the blood disappeared and his wounds healed… and it was as though he had never been hit. So the large man struck him again with the whip… and the wounds again healed.

And at that point the large man dropped his whip and lay down on the ground… and trembling asked; Who are you, and why are you here?

And the stranger answered; Rise up and look at me, I have come to teach love, I am from God, the Universe, and the One and Only. I am the living soul, the eternal soul which can never be hurt. God the One and Only sees all of you as equal, man is not superior to woman, and woman is not superior to man. Man and woman were brought together to comfort one another, to help one another, and to make life easier for one another. This is the reason for the different aspects of man and woman. Not that one is more or less superior than the other. We all have gifts, a woman can be tender, loving, and kind… but also any man who truly knows himself can also be tender, loving, and kind. And a man has the gift of strength and can go fourth and create according to the will of God. But so too any woman who truly knows herself has great strength, endurance, and the ability to create according to God, the Universe… and the One and Only.

If you think one is less important than the other, then you also think that God is less important than you. For God lives within each and every heart… be it man or woman. Strive to incorporate the gifts of your spouse within your own life. Be it tenderness, be it bravery, be it compassion, or loving kindness, we are to learn from one another. This is the essence of why two become one, and why they bring children into the world in order to learn from both parents… and become stronger and even more loving and kind.

Always see the good in your other half, but also be truthful, and always be loving and kind. For God is love and God is truth! Many times we are blind to our own faults. But our spouse will see our faults without blinders, and will be able to tell us the truth in a tender way… so we can learn and grow as human beings and as souls. Be open to what he or she says, for we have things to learn from one another. Let go of all pride, ego, and arrogance the keeps a person from learning from the Heart of God that lives within thy spouse. Also let go of all jealousy, for if a man loves a woman and a woman loves a man there must be trust. To not trust one another, is saying you do not trust the Heart of God which lives within one another. Thus in essence you do not trust God, for He lives within every heart.

We must wake up from our dream, for love is all around us, if we only open our eyes… and see that God is there in front of us. Love your spouse as you love God, and love God as you love your spouse. Plus love all others as you love your spouse and God.

Thus the large man with the whip replied with tears in his eyes; I’ve been full of pride and ego, and arrogance has ruled my life. That is why every woman that comes to me, leaves me in a very short time. I am alone because of my own ego, it is something I started a long time ago… in order to not feel pain. For you see I’m a large man, but inside I feel small, thus I want to make everybody else feel small. Please forgive me, it’s only my fear inside that’s driven me to carry my ego on my shoulder… and then the man broke down in tears!

And the stranger came over and touched his head and the man trembled and then a great sense of peace came over him. A peace that the man had never felt before, for his ego had vanished. And the large man embraced the stranger and wept… and the stranger held him while he cried.

Then the man that was about to be whipped was set free, and he too embraced the stranger. And then the stranger walked to his camel and rode off into the late morning sun.

To be continued…

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