The 7th Avatar – Chapter 17 – “The Sod House Oasis”

As the stranger rides across the desert he comes across a small area of green where there is water. A place where trees grow and there is a small sod house sitting in the middle of the trees. All of a sudden the door of the house burst open and a man goes flying and lands on his back on the ground. And a woman comes to the door with a broom and yells; Don’t tell me that! Get out of here! And she slams the door shut. And the stranger walks over and asks what’s going on?

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And the man says; I was telling my wife that her son stole some things from the house when he was here yesterday. Those items are gone and we’ve not had any other guests. So the obvious answer is that he took them, and my wife is angry that I said such a thing. And by the way who are you and what do you want stranger?

And the stranger answers; Rise up and look at me, I have come to teach love, I am from God, the Universe, and the One and Only. I am the living soul, the eternal soul which is part of God as you are part of God. Let me tell you this… it is impossible to tell the truth to someone who’s not willing to listen to the truth. They are not ready, they will not listen know matter what we do. Truth is around us at all times, but many ignore the truth in order to not feel pain. Truth is sometimes painful, but it is only painful because we create preconceived ideas and expectation which are not being upheld. Expectations will always let us down, and because of this it is best to live life without expectations. It’s important to be happy when something goes right, and be willing to change when something does not go as planned. In this way there are no expectations… thus there are no preconceived ideas of what should be.

God gave us choice, the choice to choose at all times. This is our greatest gift, and it can be our greatest undoing. For God is truth, and truth is God. In this day and age there are many who are not willing to look at truth. They have their own agendas, and much of this has to do with their standing in the material world. They want things to go according to their plan, not according to the greater plan. And so it is… that intuition is lost and heartfelt feelings are lost. It is only the mind that carries many forward disconnected from the One and Only. Disconnected from God, they only believe in the material realm. Thus God, the Universe, and the One and Only are never brought to mind, which creates a loss of wisdom and intuition.

We are to love everyone as they are, with all their faults and trappings of their disconnected mind. Disconnected from the One Mind of God, the Universal Mind, the Infinite Understanding of all things. We are to love them just because they exist, for they too are part of the Oneness of God, even though they don’t accept that connection. It is this disconnection from God, the One and Only which causes all the ills in the world. This disconnection doesn’t allow one to look at the bigger picture, and see how everyone is connected… and how what we do and say does make a difference in the world.

This kind of thinking is very prevalent in the world now. And we should not act in violent ways towards these people… for they know not what they do. Is up to us love them even more, even though we see the destruction they bring to the world. And yes it is hard to sit back and watch as they do these things. But the love of all those who are kind and gentle and One with God will eventually overcome and heal the world.

Love your wife, see her as something important, love her as she is. This is who she is right now and it’s up to you to love her with all her faults… for we all have faults. Let go of all negative thinking about your wife, praise her, an respect her as she is. Is only love that heals all, no force of any kind can do that. For God is love, and love is God, so love her with all your heart. And eventually with great amounts of love she may listen to truth… or not. That is her choice and we don’t have the right to take that choice away from her… for that is her great power.

All will be well, and with that said the stranger walked over and placed both hands on the heart of the man and prayed in silence. And all of a sudden there was a huge change in the man, and he began to cry for he had seen the love, bliss, and light of the other side… which opened his heart forever. And the stranger hugged the healed man, and then the stranger walked off into the desert pulling his camel behind him.

To be continued…

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