The 7th Avatar – Chapter 20 – “The Pot and the Kettle”

Then the stranger started to walk away, but a young woman holding a baby said wait! You have not told us about the other three types of negative people. And then the stranger walked back to the knoll and said; it’s important to dwell only on the positive. But since I mentioned it… I will tell you about the other three.

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There are those that just don’t care, be wary of these people for in their eyes no one is important. Send them love, love in the end will heal them, for now they are totally loveless. These are empty people who connect more with her head than they do their heart. What happens to the people around them is not important to them, thus they are disconnected from the source, the One and Only. And thus they are for the most part disconnected from love. Deal only with these people from a distance, send loving prayers their way and one day they too will be healed and will become totally immersed in the light. There is hope, they are not to be forgotten, someday in another life and another time… all will be different.

There are those that only hate. They hate everyone and everything, be wary of these people… for they listen to the negative voice which is the opposite of God.

One day over timeless eons they too will join the light, but for now they are disconnected completely from anything to do with the light. But deep down inside their heart there is hope, still a glimmer of love glows within. In the future all the darkness that covers up the light will be removed and they’ll take their place in the light of love. Stay away from these people, send them love from a distance, for they like everything else can be infectious.

Then there are those that say they are loving and kind. They take all words of loving kindness that are said by others and construe them into something else in order to do harm. They can look at anyone and pat them on the back and be nice, and bring about a feeling that they are helpful. But in the end their agenda is not to love. Be very wary of these people, of all three people these are the most destructive. Send them light, send them love, and send them healing, but do not work or interact with them. They will say one thing and turn around and do another. Or they will bring people together in the name of fame and fortune with a promise of loving kindness… and in the end people feel drained and empty. Send them healing, for in the future they too will finally allow that glimmer of light within their heart to grow and become the bright light of endless love.

Bear no malice against any of these three, for they are doing what they supposed to do. They give us choice, for without the darkness many times we would not see the light. It is the dark that allows us to choose love at all times. Remember – all that is brought into the world has been brought into the world by God, the One and Only and the Universe. That means everyone and everything is part of God, even those that do negative things, hurt people, and create havoc in the world.

We’ve all been there, remember down through many lifetimes everything changes for every single soul. Most start as one of these three negative people, but over time undo their karma and move into the light of love. So do not see them as something terrible, we are to see them as ourselves… for at one time all of us were like them.

So how can we condemn them? That would be like the pot calling the kettle black, but remember both the pot and kettle are made of metal. And when all the blackness of the pot and kettle are removed they gleam brightly in the morning sun. See everyone this way! See them gleaming brightly even though they have many lives yet to fulfill to embrace the light of love.

Then the stranger vanished into thin air… later he was seen riding his camel on the endless sand dunes of the desert.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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