The 7th Avatar – Chapter 21 – “Herd of Wild Camels”

As the stranger wondered through the desert he came upon a group of wild camels that were drinking from a watering hole. And a man was sit watching the camels and was very skinny and looked hungry. Then the man said to the stranger; I’m hungry, I have no food, all I have are these 30 camels that come to drink all day long.

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And the stranger said; You have a gold mine right in front of you! Do you see it?

All these camels are worth their weight in gold in every village around. And the man answered; Yes but it would take great effort to catch all these camels and take them to market.

And the stranger answered; It us up to us to put in great effort to create our lives. Life without effort is full of want, meaningless, and empty. It’s only when we put in effort that we look back and feel good about what we have accomplished. And we should do this great effort of creation as an offering to God, the One and Only, the Universe. For God lives within each and everyone of us, God lives in our heart. Thus all those ideas that come from God should not be hid under a rock, they are to be brought forth in order to make life better for everyone on the planet. The great expression of God should be brought to the world with each and every thought.

Look at the camels, they have no great expression of thought. They eat, they drink, they make dung, and go about doing this over and over again… day in and day out. And for the most part they are very self serving always looking for food and water thus bringing pleasure to their bodies. We are to do more than be selfish and pleasure seeking, we are to help others, and be selfless. But at the same time we must use creativity to bring abundance into the world. As human beings we are the great expression of God’s creativity, we have the ability to create from nothing with every passing thought. And this great expression of thought should not go to waste. Yes it takes great effort, but effort brings about happiness which continues with us… even to other lives thus creating happiness for all eternity.

In order to create fire we must make a bow and string it tight, and then wind the string around another piece of wood… and thus through great effort and friction create fire. Without the effort there is no fire! Even to sharpen an axe it takes great effort. One must use a stone and move it across the blade until it becomes sharp and cuts through wood with ease. Thus everything that we do comes from great effort… which in the end creates happiness in the Creator, God, the One and Only, and the Universe because He lives in our Heart.

It’s totally different if we only bring fame, fortune, and money to ourselves and don’t help others. That is self serving and meaningless! But for the most part if we make money and share it with others, and share our creativity with others then we are truly making a difference in the lives of everyone around us. But all of this takes great effort!

But we are to do all this effort with surrender to God in mind, with selflessness and an open heart wanting to make life better on this planet. If we do things for others, we also do things for God, because God lives within every single heart. Thus to serve others is to serve God… which is the ultimate goal of hard work.

Be not afraid of hard work, do all great effort with God in mind.

And the man answered, you are right, I must create and serve others, it’s not enough to just sit here and be hungry. I must get up and put in great effort to make a difference in my life, the live of others, and put forth the expression of God within… thus making God Happy!

Then the stranger closed his eyes and prayed. And all of a sudden all the camels were tied together in a long caravan of camels ready to go to market. And seeing this the man fell to his knees and put his hands on the strangers feet and kissed them, and said; Oh Holy One… You have come to teach me great lessons, lessons that I will never forget!

And the stranger said; Arise, just remember God is always with you, you are never alone! Be creative, help others, and put in great effort and happiness will fill your heart. And then the stranger walked over to his camel and rode off into the desert.

To be continued…

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