The 7th Avatar – Chapter 22 – “The Hermit and the Cave”

Soon the stranger came upon a cave, and in the cave sat an old hermit with a long white beard. And the stranger walked over to the hermit and the hermit exclaimed; I was just stung by a bee, why is it me that has to get stung? I am an old man, minding my own business… doing what I should be doing.

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And the stranger answered; One must be happy no matter what the circumstances. If one is stung by a bee, then one should be happy that he was not bitten by a poisonous spider. If one is bitten by a spider, then one should be happy that he was not bitten by a snake. And if your horse or camel dies, one should be happy that he has two legs to walk with… this is the way we should look at life.

And the hermit said; That’s a bunch of bunk! Why should I be happy if all these bad things befall me?

And the stranger answers; With every thought and with every word we speak we create our lives. But more than that… every thought changes are body, to be sad or angry creates negative changes that bring about disease. So in order to stay healthy it’s very important that we watch what we think and say. It’s easy to be angry and sad, it takes more effort to try to be happy and joyful at all times.

Then the hermit said; But I make myself happy, if I do something pleasurable it makes me happy. When something goes wrong it makes me sad… is that not what we are supposed to do?

And the stranger answers; No, not at all! God lives within our heart, and because of that how can God be sad, angry, or anything else. God, the One and Only is always happy and full of love. In order to be One with God, it’s important to connect with our heart where God lives, and be happy and joyful at all times because God resides there and is always joyful.

Life has its ups and downs, good things will happen, and bad things will befall us. This has nothing to do with our feelings, we are the creators of our feelings. Most people think the world creates their feelings… but in reality we are the creators of our feelings. We are not puppets on a string, and that’s exactly what we are if the world controls our feelings. That’s why many a great avatar has said, “Be in the world but not of it”. We must live in the world, but must not allow the world to control us. For you see God is always putting challenges in front us, He wants to see if we can control our feelings and stay joyful at all times. For those who are very peaceful… don’t have ups and downs in their feelings. The great avatars were very joyful at all times, even though the world brought sorrowful events… they were not affected by them.

Contentment and enjoy is the realm of all who are truly peaceful inside. For they know that Maya the great deceiver will try to bring them down. This is a powerful choice that we can make… we can choose to be joyful at all times. This takes knowing thyself, and connecting to our heart at all times to be joyful at all times. To be the caretaker of the heart, to love the heart, and to be joyful and cheerful with our heart… because God lives within our heart.

You came to this cave to find peace, yet I don’t see peace on your face. Yet anyone can have peace and have great joy in their heart no matter where they live and what they are doing. One does not have to sit in a cave to find peace, peace resides in the heart… But only if we constantly connect to our heart and God. One can be in a crowd of angry people and still be peaceful and joyful at all times if one connects to their heart.

And the hermit sobbing said; You are right I’ve been so alone, I’ve not found peace in this cave. In fact the opposite has taken place, I’ve become full of anxiety and fear because I stay here in the middle of no where.

And at that point the stranger touched the hermits shoulder and he is transported to the other side of the veil. He was immersed in the light of love, bliss, and great contentment. And after a few moments he regains his composure and knells down and kisses the feet of the stranger. And says; Oh Holy One thank you for the great gift of seeing the other side of the veil. I no longer need to sit in this cave to find peace, I must go out and be of service to mankind… that is my calling.

And then the stranger smiled and rode off across the desert.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider




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