The 7th Avatar – Chapter 23 – “The Collapsing Camel”

As the stranger was riding through the sand dunes, he came upon a thriving village with traders and people arriving by caravan. As the stranger walked through the village a camel that was over burdened with lots of luggage collapsed and the trunks it carried fell off breaking open… thus a heap of clothing lay on the ground. And a beautiful young woman came over and was furious with the caravan leader for dropping all her luggage. And the stranger said: It’s better for us to travel light with less luggage through life in order to have more comfort and feel at ease! But the lady was angry and snapped back: Who are you and what do you care?

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I have come to teach love, I am from God, the Universe, and the One and Only. I am the living soul, the eternal soul which can never be hurt. Remember this… every single one of us was born into this life with nothing. We don’t even come with clothing, money, prestige, fame, or anything else. We are naked! And that is exactly how God perceives each and everyone of us. We come to Him naked, for He knows all of our thoughts, out desires, and longings. Not a single thing can be hidden from the One and Only.

And when we leave this planet, again we leave naked. For God knows everything that we have done, desired, and feel ashamed about. Everything we have within us is laid open bear, thus we begin life and end life with nothing. Even the great kings, explorers, and politicians leave the same way… there is not one material thing they take with them. Even the amazing ruler Alexander the Great left this world with nothing. In fact when he died he had his body paraded through the streets with his arms stretched towards the sky… showing everybody that he leaves this world with nothing. Not a single bobble of gold, not an earring, or even a gold chain makes it to the other side of the veil.

Only love, compassion, truth, wisdom and great character pass through to the other side of the veil… and our karma. Our karma will show if we have spread love throughout the world or havoc and thus we come back again to try to make amends. The more we collect in the way of material things without compassion, love, and truth… the less love we have in our heart and thus life becomes unbearable. We have to worry about all the material thing, who will take care of these material thing, we worry about who will pay the taxes, and who will guard them. Thus worry takes over out mind and we are burdened until we finally see the light.

Those that give of their money freely, those that give of their time freely, and those that give compassion and love freely… have no burden upon their shoulders, they are worry free and their heart is light. Be not burdened with material things, seek to help others with great compassion and love… and worry will be a thing of the past. You are angry about the abundance of material things spread upon the ground, yet their are those who have no clothing… who would love to have one piece of clothing to cover their bodies. There are those with no food who’s bellies growl with hunger at night. And there are those who sleep in the streets because they have no where to go. All they asked for is compassion, love, kindness, and the barest of earthly necessities.

And the young woman broken down in tears, yes I have so much yet I am empty! I have nothing to speak about that’s important. I only think of myself, I have so much in the way of material things yet I am alone and feel empty inside. Please help me stranger… help me find what really matters.

And with that the stranger touched the young woman’s hand, and she immediately sat down and went into a deep trance. It was morning but it was not until evening that she finally come back from her meditative experience… and was filled with light. Even her completion changed, it was red because of the sun but now it was full of light. But most importantly in her eyes was a spark that twinkled with love.

And the woman said: thank you for the great gift, I was transported to heaven, the other side of the veil and was engulfed in the bright light. I was given the experience of seeing how my lack of compassion and love caused suffering. And I felt everything, every bit of the pain that others suffered because of me. I did not know how much suffering I had caused in this life time… now I know… and the young woman began to cry. It’s time for me to make amends, to change my life and give… especially giving love and kindness to others. I have so much I can share! And with that she told everyone in the square that all her belongings belonged to  them… and all the poor people scrambled to find something for themselves.

A smile came over the young woman’s face and she felt happy for the first time in ages.

And the stranger nodded to her and walked off down the street.

To be continued…

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