The 7th Avatar – Chapter 24 – “The Noisy Village”

As the stranger walked through the village he noticed all the noise and loud music being played. There where people who were loudly laughing, and people yelling in the streets, there were dogs barking… and in general it was extremely loud. Then the stranger walked over to an old woman who looked like she was in misery and she said: It’s so noisy here, I can’t hear myself think, there’s no peace at all in this village… I can’t take it any more!

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And the stranger said: Anyone can be at peace within themselves in silence. Our home is in our heart. And when we go inward to meditate on our heart we find that peace because we shut off the senses. Thus all the noise and chatter of the world and especially of our mind is gone… thus there is peace.

There is a quiet oasis in the middle of our heart, nothing in the world can touch us there. And it’s important to connect to that place every morning and every evening. For you see the God lives within our heart!

And the old woman answered: Who are you stranger?

I have come to teach love, I am from God, the Universe, and the One and Only. I am the living soul, the eternal soul which can never be hurt. And in silence of meditation everything is brought down to the ultimate essence of our soul. For you see in our soul there is nothing but silence… there is no such thing as chatter and noise for the soul. This also allows us to be one with God, for God lives within our heart. How can we be at peace if we are not connected to the One and Only? God is peace and peace is God… they are one and the same.

And when we meditate on our heart and find the silence of God and His peace… we rekindle the true spirit of man which is loving kindness. For you see in the middle of mindless chatter, noise, and agitation of the mind… loving kindness is hard to find. Yet in the silence of the heart we can find God and connect to the great love that exists within. This fosters compassion, caring, consideration, and loving kindness that spreads out from our being like a blanket of new snow on a mountain top. A blanket that insulates and protects everyone and everything that we come in contact with.

As we come to know silence, everything changes even how much we talk and prattle on about this and that. The peaceful man speaks very little, he knows what needs to be done and takes care of everything swiftly. And because he speaks little his tongue cannot wound those around him. For if we slip and fall and break our leg we mending our bones back together. But when we slip with our tongue we kill the happiness of those around us. A leg will heal over time, but wounds of the heart inflicted by the tongue can last a life time. Thus the man of inner silence speaks very little thus allowing everything to go according to the divine plan of the One and Only. It’s important that we speak softly and lovingly to everyone we meet, thus never inflicting pain. So speak little and never inflict pain, use your tongue to bring happiness where ever you go.

And all true happiness can only be found within the heart where God resides. Nothing in the outer world will provide great peace like going inward. When thinking about others and what they do always use this guiding thought – “That’s none of my business”. We can always comment on what others do, yet it’s there life and they have a right to live their life according to their will. We should not allow ourselves to become ensnared in the lives of others. But should take care of our own lives and be helpful to everyone around us.

And when we are in the depths of silence we find the voice of God. For God speaks in whispers. And most of the time we don’t hear what God has to say. Especially when we are not peaceful and quiet within. But when we go inward we hear His voice, and begin to live according to “God’s” will instead of our “Own” will. Thus everything changes and we become content, peaceful, joyful, and happy at all times.

But there are many who will reject silence for the noise and delusion of the world. They don’t want to shut off the chatter and the craziness of the world even though it’s driving them our of their mind. So go inward to bolster your wisdom, go inward to find peace, go inward to find a hideaway within your heart where God lives…  for God is waiting.

And the old woman looked at the stranger and said: You are right, silence is the only place in the world where their is peace, looking inward is the only answer. And with that the stranger reached out and touched her shoulder and the woman was transported into deep meditation. And after a couple of hours she came back from the depths of peace and said: You are right stranger, silence can only to be found in the heart… I met God, the Universe, and the One and Only there… and God filled me with great joy. Thank You Stranger – I Love You!

And with that the stranger nodded and walked down the street.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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