“14 Health Benefits of Santol Fruit”

Santol Fruit or (Sandoricum koetjape) and also known as Lolly fruit, Sayai, Visayan, and Wild Mangosteen is a fruit from indochina including the Philippines. Santol Fruit is sweet and sour and it’s loaded with great healing abilities including lots of vitamins, lowers cholesterol, heals allergies, helps with cancer… and a lot more.

Santol Fruit

Santol Fruit

Vitamins – Santol Fruit contains lots of B and C Vitamins and thus it can stave off scurvy, it’s a great antioxidant to help prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. And because it contains lots of B Vitamins it improves our mood, boosts up our metabolism and contains folate for preventing birth defects.

Allergies – Santol Fruit is great for allergies. If anyone has allergies eating some Santol Fruit is very important because it contains lots of Sandorinic Acid and Bryonotic Acid. Both of these have been studied as good agents for preventing and treating allergies.

Contains – Santol Fruit also contains carbs for energy, phosphorus and calcium for strong bones, plus iron for anemia and pectin which is great for soothing the GI tract and lowering cholesterol.

Lowers Cholesterol – Santol Fruit contains soluble fiber and pectin thus helping to lower cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Immune System Boosting – Because Santol Fruit also contains lots fiber and lots of great fiber is great for creating a good environment for boosting up probiotic bacteria that strengthen our immune system. And it also contains quercetin which is a powerful antioxidant for boosting immunity.

Skin Problems – Santol Fruit contains a natural steroidal sapogenin and alkaloids that help treat rashes, psoriasis, and other skin diseases because it’s a natural precursor to cortisone. And Santol leaves can be mashed and used for treating irritated skin.

Ringworm – Santol Fruit also works well for treating fungal infections including ringworm.

Oral Health – Santol Fruit helps to lower bacterial count of the oral cavity thus helping to prevent tooth decay… and it increases saliva production.

Cancer – In studies Santol Fruit has been shown to reduce the number and size of mammary tumors in rats. And a study in the journal Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters shows that Santol can kill human leukemia cells under laboratory conditions.

Low Glycemic Index – Santol Fruit has a low glycemic index making it great for diabetics and those watching their weight.

Anti-Inflammatory – Santol Fruit is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent making it great for GI inflammation and other diseases.

Alcoholic Drinks – Ripe Santol Fruit can also be brewed into alcoholic beverages.

Alzheimer’s Disease – Some say that Santol Fruit can prevent Alzheimer’s disease… but to date there is little information about this.

Taste – Santol Fruit have a nice sweet and sour flavor with floral and citrus overtones which make it very tasty. And the fruit is creamy and refreshing… and inside the fruit looks a lot like mangosteen fruit.

Diarrhea – Santol Fruit works great for treating diarrhea. Take the roots and boil them, then add water and vinegar and drink daily until the diarrhea is curtailed… and this mixture helps with intestinal spasms.

Vaginal Infections – Boiled Santol bark can also be used for treating vaginal infections and leucorrhea.

Uses – Santol Fruit can also be made into jams and jellies, makes great drinks and smoothies, can be used in cooking… and it’s great all by itself.

Fast Growing – Santol Trees are fast growing and will grow in dry areas and in humid areas, and need little attention. If given some natural fertilizers twice a year they start to produce fruit around 5 years and they produce lots of fruit.

Wood – Santol Trees can also be used for wood production and make great furniture and polished wood carvings. And because the trees are fast growing they are a very sustainable source of wood.

Insecticide – And the seeds can be used for making a natural insecticide… thus the seeds should not be eaten.

Finding – Check your local Asian Markets many times they carry fresh Santol Fruit. Plus if you google “Buy Santol Fruit” there are some places on-line that sell the fruit and Amazon has dried Santol Fruit for sale.

Try some great tasting Santol Fruit… it will do your body good.







Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started… so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

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  1. Baboy says:

    What about santol seeds as fertilizer?

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