The 7th Avatar – Chapter 27 – “A Shepherd Needing Love”

And the young boy said: I am going with you, none of this matters because this is my calling! And he walked home to ask his parents who gave their blessings, because they knew it was time for their son to find his way in the world. And the stranger went out and bought another camel and they departed the village and soon came upon a shepherd tending his flock. And the shepherd was having his dog bring back four sheep that were lost… but only brought back two. And the shepherd became extremely angry and picked up a stick and began beating the dog who was squealing in pain. And the stranger walked over and stepped between the dog and the shepherd and said: Strike me if you must! Your dog did nothing!

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And the shepherd answered: Get out of my way he’s my dog and I will do whatever I want! And the stranger touched the forehead of the shepherd and he fell down, but the stranger caught him and laid him on the ground as he went into a very deep sleep.

And the young boy said: What happened, why did he fall down? Is he hurt? And the stranger said: Watch my son, and the stranger held out a large crystal. And in the crystal the young boy was able to watch all that the shepherd was dreaming.

And the shepherd was dreaming of the past, of his father that physically abused him by beating him all the time. The shepherd as a young boy tried please his father, yet his father was a very angry man full of rage and contempt for everyone. And the father even beat his wife, and thus the shepherds mother became distant and unable to provide warmth and loving comfort for her son. As a young boy the shepherd wanted to be held by his mother, to have comfort him when things were bad, and especially when his father was drunk and beat them. Yet his mother was not able to do so, for her mind was scared with all the beatings.

And thus the young shepherd grew up distant and angry inside, wanting to be held and in need of comfort… but only knowing anger and pain. And in his dream the shepherd finally understood all the pain that molded him into who we was today. And soon he awoke from his slumber in tears. And said: Thank you stranger for the great gift of the dream, now I know why I am so angry. It has nothing to do with the dog, it’s about my father being angry and my mother being so distant and unable to love.

And the stranger answered: You are always loved my son! For God, the Universe, and the One and Only… always loves you no matter what you do, and where ever you go. You are not forgotten, not for one second are you forgotten. But you have forgotten yourself, for the essence of every heart is love. Time to awaken from your slumber of anger, time to awaken from your slumber of feeling unloved. Keep your mind focused on God, the One and Only, and He will fill your being with joy!


Whenever your mind is not busy fill it with the name of God. Say God’s name over and over again and soon you’ll be filled with joy. But not only that… your karma of anger will also be undone. Chanting God’s name out loud or silently will heal the past and heal all wounds of the mind… and negate all negative karma. The name of God is powerful and it can heal everything… absolutely everything.

Remember This!

And the shepherd said: Who are you stranger?

And the stranger said: I have come to teach love, I am from God, the Universe, and the One and Only. I am the living soul, the eternal soul which can never be hurt. And with that the shepherd bent over and kissed his feet, and the stranger raised him up and look in the eyes and said: Be filled with love and joy my friend, this is your calling, it’s the calling of everyone, but we get sidetracked with all the events that happen in our lives. Now it’s time to choose love, time to heal all ills of the mind… for God is love, and love is God, and God is Joy!

And the stranger hugged the shepherd… and the shepherd broke down in tears!

To be continued…

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