The 7th Avatar – Chapter 28 – “A Few Sod Huts”

And the stranger and the young boy ride off into the sunset and the next morning they come upon a small outcropping of sod huts near a spring. And an old woman who was seated in the doorway of one of the huts said: Oh stranger there have been lots of strange things happening in this village. We’ve had deaths, people getting sick, people just not feeling right, some feeling depressed and so much more… can you help us stranger?

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And the stranger answered: Go out into the desert and gather wild sage and wrap it tightly into a bundle and allow it to dry. You will need this for the ceremony that we will do in every house and for every single person in this tiny village. For you see there are vibrations that are the opposite of love lingering in this village. Everyone can feel it, even the children are not smiling because they are filled with feelings of tension.

Remember even “Jesus” cast out that which was the opposite of love. And He said “You can do all of this and more”. It does not take a great avatar to cast out lower vibrational frequencies, they are easy to vanquish… if the one doing the ritual has a heart full of love. Be not afraid, for fear is exactly what the negative vibrations thrive on, be strong, and most of all be filled with love… for love is the most powerful energy in the world.

If an angry man walks into a room full of happy people, do you feel a change in the room? You feel the energy of light heartedness dissipate and a tension come over the room… and a silence that fills every heart? Have you ever walked into a room full of angry people and could feel a tension so strong that you could cut it with a knife?

Once there was a man that was always angry, and he and his family would travel together and no matter where they went, and what they did, he was the only one that was physically attacked, none of the others were harmed. For you see the energy of anger and hatred attracted like energy… and thus all that was negative came unto him.

There are three things we must do. First it’s important to acknowledge that at one time there was an energy of anger and violence in this village that still lingers. Perhaps someone that everyone new who was angry and even violent at times… or it could even be from a long time ago.

Second it’s important to meditate and see the light of God, the One and Only, the Universe wrapped around every single person, place, and thing… thus protecting everything from this energy with the love of God.

Third it’s important to light a sage stick or incense and spread that essence around every single object and command in the name of God, the One and Only, and the Universe that all that’s not of Love, all that is not of God, must leave NOW, and and also bless everything! And then send light and love to fill the void. For vibrations of any kind when leaving create a vacuum that must be filled. And the best energy to fill the void is LOVE!

And the village people gathered and the stranger blessed and cleansed all of them… and blessed every house and everything inside and outside. And right away all the village people started to feel better, their dark feelings were gone, they physically felt better and life started to get back to normal. And the old woman said: Stranger who are you? And how can we thank you?

And the stranger said: I have come to teach love, I am from God, the Universe, and the One and Only. I am the living soul, the eternal soul which can never be hurt. Remember Me for I am in Him, and He is in Me, and He also resides in all of you. God lives in every heart.

Be aware of the negative energies that can take over. Everything that there is on the other side of the veil in the light is also emulated in the dark. Think not of the dark, but fill your being with light, love, joy, and happiness. And if you constantly fill your mind with the essence of Love which is also God, the Eternal One, all will be well. For the soul can never be hurt… Much Love to You All.

If you remember this… that is my payment.

And the stranger and the young boy moved on.

To be continued…

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