The 7th Avatar – Chapter 29 – “The Farmer and the Valley”

As the stranger and the young boy rode along in the desert they soon came upon a valley. And this valley was at one time very fertile and full of dates, oranges, grapefruit, mangos, and other wonderful fruit… but now it was all dying. Along side the road was a farmer tending his trees. And the farmer said: Oh please stranger tell me what to do… our trees are dying and we don’t know what we can do. We keep pouring into the water a special formula that a traveling salesman said would make our trees grow stronger and they did for a while… but now everything is dying. Even the fish that used to swim in the ditches are no longer their, not even the dragonfly dips to find mosquitoes in the pond. Even the crickets and butterflies have disappeared and we can’t drink the water… everyone is sick. Please help us stranger!

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And the stranger said: It’s time to change everything, for God lives within all living creatures and thus they must be cared for in the appropriate way. First of all that which is natural comes from God, the One and Only, and the Universe. God has taken thousands, upon thousands of years to create that which works in a way that creates a loving bond between all living things. All that does not work goes to the wayside… thus we have what we have today.

Everything is connected, what we do to one living thing we also do to another. Thus nothing is separate, and if we care for the world in a connected way we will have a lush thriving planet on which to live. But if we try work with things that are unnatural, in the end all will come apart. There is a reason for everything, some things work because they’re supposed to work and others not. And if we try to force things and create something unnatural, in the end it will undo the natural process of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

There are no shortcuts, the work must be done in order to create according to God’s plan. God has created for millions of years on this planet and knows what works and what does not work… remember this!

There are a few things that need to be done to heal this land.

First of all – Take that terrible formula and go to a high mountain top and find a rocky cave and bury that substance for all eternity. It contains a low vibration, a frequency that will only harm.

Second – Go back to using everything that is natural. For you see the dung of the donkey is natural, the dung of the ox is natural, and the dung of the dog is natural… and even dung contains a higher vibration than that terrible formula. Use dung instead of that terrible formula to feed your living plants, and use a hoe to get rid of weeds.

Third – Sing to your fields of plants and trees. Your plants understand your feelings and know when you are happy. And thus all things come together with a higher vibration of love… and thus love will heal all!

Fourth – Plant according to the seasons, the sun, and according to the cycles of the moon. For God created a season for all things… a time for all things to be done. Do not force mother nature for She will rebel… work with mother Gaia with synergistic love!

Fifth – See your fields as having consciousness and speak about love to every single plant and tree. Tell them thank you for sharing their bounty with humble farmers. Plants are very humble and powerful beings, and very enlightened and always share and help. Plants even go as far as giving up their own lives for the lives of others… that’s truly being powerful. They know that service is the path to divinity… and thus plants are always in service to others.

Sixth – Treat your soils as if they were a living being, because they are! You cannot see it… but there are billions of tiny animals and plants growing in a teaspoon of soil. Feed them with vegetation that has been decomposed and thus brings goodness to the soil and to the trees, plants, and animals.

Seventh – Give thanks to God. Tell God that you are doing everything with love to bring joy to the planet. Also tell God, the Universe, and the One and Only that He is in control of all things… and that GOD’S WILL be done. Lift up thy bounty to God and God will be pleased… for giving service to God is the greatest gift of all.

Then the stranger bent down and kissed the ground and everything was instantaneously transformed. The trees were flush with fruit, the water was clean, the birds where singing, there were dragonflies dipping in the pond, fish swimming in the ditches. Bees and butterflies were flying here and there… and the people were healthy and everything was healed. And the farmer fell to his knees and kissed the strangers feet and said: Oh Holy One, how can I repay you?

And the stranger said: Follow the seven ways of living I have outlined… that is my payment.

And the stranger and the young boy rode off into the sunset.

To be continued…

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