The 7th Avatar – Chapter 30 – “The High Mountain Cliff”

As the stranger and the young boy rode across the desert they came to a tall mountain covered with snow. At the top of the mountain there was a man who was standing on the edge of a cliff looking as though he was about to jump. And the stranger said to the young boy: I think we better go up there.

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And the stranger and the young boy climbed as fast as they could to make it to the cliff where the young man was standing on the edge of oblivion. And the strangers said: Why are you standing on the edge of that cliff? Come back here where it’s safe.

And the young man said: I have no reason to live, I have nothing, my wife left me, my friend ran off with my money, my business went down the tubes, and no body really cares. I am so sad that I don’t want to live. Nothing matters to me because all I had is gone. So why should I stick around? No one will miss me!

And the stranger said: You have a purpose, you came to this world to make a difference in the lives of the others. You might not understand that now, but from the day you were born you had a purpose. Think not of yourself, think of all those who will lose out because they did not interact with you.

And the young man said: Tell me more stranger. And the stranger said: But first take my hand. And when the young man touched the stranger he became paralyzed as though he were made of stone and went into a deep trance. And in that trance he could see the past and the future as clear as day. He was given a glimpse of how he helped people. How he helped his partner get started when he was broke, how he helped lots of people when they were down and out.

He was able to see the future and how he was going to make a difference in the lives of others that needed help, even people who were alone. He could see that in the future he would remarry and have children, and that his children would love him. And his children would grow up to be amazing people that would changed the world. And he was able see his wife and him grow old together… and fall more in love over the years.

But most of all he got to see that he did make a difference in the world. That he was loved now, and would be loved in the future. This was a gift that not many people get to experience as they go through their ups and downs in life. For most people forget about living in the present moment and get trapped in the past or in the future, thinking about what might have been possible… or what might be.

The reality is he had lots to live for, and that love was all around him. For he was loved by many, but for some reason he had forgotten all that while focusing on all the negative things in life. And at the same time he was able to see all the positive things he had in his life, he owned a nice home in a small village, he had loving parents, he had people around him that cared for him… and finally he understood that he was focusing on all the wrong things.

Then the stranger let go of his hand… and the young man came back from the trance with tears in his eyes and said: I am so thankful Oh Holy One, you have given me a glimpse into the future and the past from a very different perspective. Thus allowing me to step out of myself and see my life from a different place. How can I repay you Oh Holy One?

And the stranger said: Walk down from the mountain with me and start living your life with God in mind. Your purpose is to love, and that’s your only purpose. There will be good times, and there will be bad times… I can guarantee that. Yet through all of it we are to look at life through the lens of love… with great gratitude. If you do this that will be my repayment. And the young man nodded and they walked down the mountain where the stranger and the young boy rode off into the sunset.

To be continued…

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