The Relaxed Soul on “I AM THAT”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1We seem to think that we are this body, and that our body is some how the most important aspect of who we are. But as all the guru’s and sages have said throughout time, We are “THAT” and thus we are not the body. But what are we? Well first of all we are not our thinking, thinking seems to come from some where else.

In fact many people comment that their thinking sometimes comes from out of the blue and catches them off guard, so how could we be our thinking? No… we are more than thinking, in fact we are more than local consciousness. For if two bits entangled matter can react exactly at the same time across vast distances how can we even be local consciousness? How can we be anything but vast awareness itself… THAT which is trying to understand itself.

And if we call it God, the Infinite Field, the Universe, Jesus, Buddha, or any other name we are again limiting this vast awareness. But in order to wrap our limited minds around this concept it’s sometimes better to create a name that we can connect too using our limited perceptions. So my friends we are “THAT” nothing more and nothing less.

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