The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice” – Chapter One

Chapter One – “The Old Woman in Pain”

And the stranger and the young boy wandered the desert for many years searching out new people so they could spread the word about love. And during that period of time the young boy became a young man. And the young man was accepting his own power and strength as part of the One and Only, the Universe, and God. After watching the stranger heal many challenges among the people the young man also learned how to heal… and the Divine Energy of God was coursing through the young man’s whole being.

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An old woman was sitting by the side of the road and asked for help from the stranger. But the stranger new it was time for the young man to start doing some of the work and he nodded to the young man… who got down from his camel and walked over to the old woman. The young man asked what was wrong… and the old woman said: I’ve had so much pain in my mouth and in my neck for years. A traveling salesman gave me some medicine and I took it, and ever since I’ve had pain. Please help me young man, I’m in need of help… I can’t live with this pain any more.

And the young man looked at the old woman and said: Your pain comes from being alone, the medicine had nothing to do with causing the pain, it’s your mind that’s lonely, you want someone to talk to in order to ease your inner pain of loneliness. But let me tell you this, you are never alone, it’s an illusion of loneliness. When you separated from God many thousands of life times ago you were made to forget the fact that you are always part of the One and Only. Otherwise people would come right back to God. It’s the absence of this memory that’s very important, because people have many lessons to learn… and one of them is the fact that they are never alone.

Close your eyes old woman, focus on the area between your eyebrows and breathe in and out while saying silently “OM” which is the vibration of the Universe, God, and the One and Only. And so the old woman felt relaxed hearing the soothing voice of the young man which was so very peaceful. And soon she was in a deep meditative experience and in that place God came to her and said: Be at PEACE, I am no father away than your breath, sit down first thing every morning and meditate with ME for 1 1/2 hours. I will keep you company, I will not leave you alone, in fact I’m always with you. In this place of peace you can hear my still small voice. I will sooth away all anxiety, I will sooth away all tension, I will sooth away all worries, I will sooth away all pain.

Believe me when I say this – FOR I AM GOD, I AM TRUTH… AND I AM LOVE.

And the young man lifted up the old woman and asked her: What of your pain now old woman? And she answered: All the pain is gone just like God said it would be. I have lived so long with this pain I can hardly imagine not having it, and to think that just closing my eyes and being One with God made all the difference in the world. The answer was always with me, yet it was so far away because I didn’t understand that I’m never alone. A feeling of great peace has come over me and I feel completely relaxed and my mind is calm, and my body is filled with grace. Time for me to do God’s work! Way back when I was young woman I was doing God’s work and was side tracked by love. I had a young man who I loved dearly, but he left me, and I decided from that point on that I would be alone. But that is not the truth, for I know now that I am never alone, I am never separate from God, the Universe, and the One and Only. For God is the one true love of my life… and I will not forsake God again.

And with that the young man put his hand on the old woman’s head and prayed and thus a stream of white light came down from the heavens and entered the old woman. Then all of a sudden she looked 20 years younger! All the anguish of loneliness she felt over the years was removed… and that void was filled with love. And the old woman looked at her hands and could see that she was young again, and reached out and hugged the young man… and then she bent down and kissed his feet. I will never forget you young man… thank you for this healing.

And with that the young man climbed on his camel and nodded to the woman and to the stranger and they road off into the desert.

To be continued…

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