The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice” – Chapter 2

Chapter Two – “The Old Man with Nothing”

And the stranger and the young man traveled through the desert and came upon an old man who was screaming at the top of his lungs: Why has all this happened? Why am I broke with nothing to count on, even my house, my camel, and everything else has been taken away.

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And the stranger looked at the young man and nodded his head, and the young man got down and said: Why do you put so much stock in all of this, you came to this plane with nothing other than the love of God, the One and Only, and the Universe in your heart. And over the decades you have become deluded to believe that all these material things… are the truth… of who you are.

Everything in life is God, there is nothing but God. And we come for a short time to finally understand who we are deep down inside. You have lived your life pleasing YOU, what about pleasing God? Everything you did in this life was about bringing pleasure to yourself with a large house, a camel to ride upon, lots of land that you rented out to tenant farmers, and all for what? Just to bring YOU more wealth to please YOU. We all come to this plane to please God, the One and Only and the Universe… and that has nothing to do with wealth, it has to do with loving everyone and everything that we come in contact with. Let go hoarding all material thing, for the only important thing to hoard is God’s Love. Seek not pleasures of the outer world, not even food because our 5 senses are there to take control and make us slaves to the wants and needs of the world. Everyone tells us we need this, everyone tells us we should have that, but in reality all we need is God. Go inward and find the love of God.

But of course we do need food, water, and shelter… and these will be given unto us. These are the needs that were talked about in all the spiritual texts. These are what the Universe will bring to everyone that asks… thus do not ask for things that bring pleasure, for the One and Only has never said He would bring us material things that would bring pleasure… He said He would bring that which we need.

As you go about your day say “I do this to please the One and Only” and offer up your work, your food, everything that you do in order to please the Universe. Be joyous in pleasing HIM for He is the joy that you experience in your heart.

God is Joy, God is Bliss, and God is Truth, and these are the three things we should build our life around… and all three are GOD. 

The less we seek pleasures of the world and look inward for God for our joy, love, and bliss the more the Universe is pleased, because the One and Only lives in our heart, and because of that we exude great joy from within… without needing anything from the outer world.

Thus a man with nothing can be joyful and full of bliss because his joy comes from the God in his Heart… and not from the outer world. Seek not joy out there in the material world, seek the One and Only in your heart, see love in your heart, and all will be well. Meditate on the One and Only in your heart and thy heart will be full of LOVE.

And the old man said: You are right, I had so much in the way of material things but I had nothing in my heart, I gave nothing to the poor, I did not heal those who were infirm, I did nothing to help those where were suffering… I was only thinking of myself. And you are right there is no joy in any of this, even with lots of material things I was still sad. It is time for me to understand selfless service, and that means my mind must be pure of thought, I must seek not to please me… but to please only God, the Universe, and the One and Only. All the desires of my past must be cleansed from my mind thus allowing space for the love of God to fill my mind and my heart.

And with that the young man held the old man’s head and prayed and they were both enveloped in a Golden Light. A light so bright that the old man had to close his eyes and squint to see four angels of light gathered round him. Then he heard a grand chorus of angelic music that was so joyful that he broke down in tears weeping in bliss. And the angels lifted him up and cleansed away all thoughts and feelings of material pleasures from the past. And his heart was healed as love burst forth as the Golden Light of God exploded from his heart. Then his whole being was filled with grace, contentment, and compassion… and these were three things that old man had never felt before.

And then as fast as it had started it ended and he was back with the young man. The old man was crying and bent down and kiss the feet of the young man. He thanked the young man for truly being delivered from the clutches of his own worldly desires, and finally seeing the light, and having his heart awakened for the first time… and for all eternity to come. And at that point the young man hugged the old man and climbed upon his camel and nodded to the stranger as they rode off into the desert.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider



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