The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice”- Chapter 3

Chapter Three – “The Merchant Cutting Trees”

As the stranger and the young man ride through the desert it becomes dusk and the sun starts to set low on the horizon. Then all of a sudden they see a fire burning brightly and they ride over to see if they can join whoever’s there in the middle of the desert. As they approach they see a merchant chopping down a tree in a small oasis. He’s setting the tree on fire instead of using all the dried camel dung that most people use for fires. And as they get closer the merchant yells out: Who Goes There! And the stranger looks at the apprentice and nods his head and the apprentice replies: Just two tired stranger who would like to share your fire.

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And the merchant motions them closer and to join him. Then the apprentice says: Why are you cutting down trees for fire wood when you have all this dried camel dung that works just as well? That tree took years to grow and it will not return. There are very few tress in the desert and we must preserve them. And the merchant barks back: What do I care, it’s just a tree, what difference does it make… when I die I will not think about that tree.

And the apprentice stands up and says: We are all custodians of this world, the world does not belong to YOU or ME. Everything belongs to God, the Universe, and the One and Only. We are only caretakers of all these thing for the One and Only, and what we do to a tree we also do to God… because the Universe resides in all things.

Also there are the learned men of science that are coming up with things that are outside the realm of common sense. They create material to help people, but at the same time they don’t account for the fact that this very same material will cause problems later, because it does not break down in a natural way… and will stay around for hundreds of thousands of years. Just because something is good for one aspect of life, doesn’t make it good for every aspect of life.

The planet must be look at as a whole, there is nothing separate in this multiverse. And mother nature has feelings and needs to be listen too.

And the merchant said: Trees don’t feel! I don’t give a dam about what you think! I have to make money, and if I have to cut down every tree on the planet, and tear up every inch of soil and remove gold I will do so… it’s none of your concern! Leave Me Alone!

And the apprentice started to pray, and the merchant fell into a deep trance with white light enveloping his body. And as the merchant went ever deeper into his trance 4 angels came unto him, and the angels said: You have forgotten that all of this is God. Now you will feel what you’ve done to all that is precious in the Universe. And with that the merchant started to feel the pain of the fire consuming the tree, he could feel the pain of the axe cutting through the trunk of the tree, and the sorrowful weeping that the tree felt as it was being cut. Then he was transported to his gold mine, and the rocks all around were weeping, and he too could feel the great sorrow the rocks were feeling because they were being destroyed. Then the merchant could feel the pain as the gold was being extracted from the rocks by being crushed. And the feeling of acid burning the rocks leaving only the gold. The merchant was screaming in pain, his skin was red, and his face looked terrible.

Then as soon as it all began, it all ended, and the merchant was once again back sitting around the fire… but he was weeping. He was crying and said: This experience has changed me, I didn’t know how mother nature felt when we did things to her. I had no clue as to the pain I was inflicting upon the planet, and all the sentient beings of all sorts that are truly conscious beings. But I had no clue as to their nature and their suffering. But I have one question, how am I to make a living?

And the apprentice said: Take only what you need… and leave the rest for the Universe, God, and the One and Only. God does not mind sharing, and all the sentient beings are willing to share, even the plants are willing to give up their life for another. And the rocks are willing to suffer in order to alleviate the suffering of one person that is truly in need. But we need to pray unto God, the Universe, and the One and Only and give thanks and gratitude for the bounty that He has given to us. This pleases God, and thus all the suffering that we might create via surviving in the world is forgiven.

Thus only take what you need!

Be cognizant of all the suffering that the planet goes through whenever you do something, and the impact you have down through the ages. Be aware, and impact the planet as little as possible… that is the key, be humble, and see all things as equal to you. 

For awareness is God, the Universe, and the One and Only… and thus you too become one with the One and Only. And the merchant nodded and the stranger and the apprentice got back on their camels and rode off into the night.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider




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