The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice” – Chapter 4

Chapter Four – “Four Blood Brothers”

And as the stranger and the apprentice rode across the desert they came upon an outcropping of rocks where they could hear shooting. There were three bands of men hiding behind rocks trying to pick off their opponents across the way. And as they rode up all the guns were pointed at them. And at that moment the stranger enveloped the apprentice, the camels, and him in white light. And right away every single gun went off and the bullets came flying towards them. But as the bullets reached the light they came to a screeching halt… and fell to the ground. And again a volley of bullets took flight… and they too dropped to the ground as they reached the white light.

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Then the shooting stopped and all the men came out from behind the rocks and approached the strangers. And the stranger asked: Why are you shooting at each other?

And one of the leaders of the leaders said: We hate one another, we are all of different clans, some are white, some are black, and others are from Asia, some are natives of this area. We have different cultures, we look different, we speak different languages, we have different spiritual practices, and even our eyes look different. Some have brown eyes, some have blue eyes, and some have green eyes. We don’t agree on anything, we all have different points of view, we even see life from a different perspective… and we’re not willing to compromise. And so it is that we fight, and kill one another, and we shall do this to the last man standing.

And the apprentice says: You are not different in the eyes of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. In fact you are all the same, you are all part of God, the One and Only. Yes you may have differences, but you are more alike than you are different, you all breathe the same air, you all see the same terrain your eyes, you all have red blood coursing through your veins. And the One and Only made you different in order for you love those differences, and use those differences to make life better for everyone.

And the leader of the clan spoke up: Never, we will fight to the death, we will never give in! And all the men cheered, and got ready to fighting. But at that moment the apprentice lowered his head and prayed. And all of a sudden those that were black became white, those who were white became black, those who were Asian became white, and there were also mixtures of many different skin colors never seen before. Not only that, but their languages changed, they could no longer understand their old native tongue. Now they could only understand the native tongue of their enemy and visa versa. And so everything was in chaos, and they did not know who to shoot, who to like, who to hate, who was their enemy… and even who was their friend.

And the leader spoke up: We are afraid, what did you do, I don’t know who to shoot, we speak different languages now. Everything is mixed up!

And the apprentice said: Now you get to live your life through the eyes of your enemy. Do you feel different? Do you feel like the enemy now? Tell me!

And the leader said: No – Deep down inside I’m the same person I was before, but everything on the out side is not the same, I’m another, but I’m really the same man deep down inside.

And the apprentice said: Yes, that’s the point, you are the same, you are the same man deep down inside, only the outer wrapper has been changed, nothing is different… in reality you are all the same when you look deep within.

And the leader said: NO I will not accept this, change us back! And the apprentice again bowed his head in prayer and all the men went into a deep trance. And in that trance they came upon the Light of Love, the Light of God, the Universe and the One and Only. And all of them were able to feel all the feelings of all the men in all the groups; all the feelings of loss; the feelings of losing friends in combat; the feelings of love for their families; the feelings of needing one another; the feelings of being afraid; the feelings of terror they felt in combat; and the feelings of being alone even though they were not along. Then all the men started to weeping, tears flowing down their faces, they could feel all the pain and suffering of all the men… and everyone of them had the same feelings. Then all of a sudden they were back from the trance and into the real world.

And through his tears the leader spoke up and said: You have opened my eyes, we are all blood bothers, we are not different inside, in any way, shape, or form, we are the same. We have the same feelings, I didn’t know this, and I am sorry for all the hardship and suffering I have caused. Please forgive all of us… for we know not what we do! And with that the apprentice bowed his head again and they were all back into their original forms… but the memories all of the feelings of the men were still there. And all the men gathered round and hugged one another… and asked for forgiveness as tears rolled down their faces.

And at that point the stranger and the apprentice climbed upon their camels and started off across the desert.

To be continued…

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