The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice” – Chapter 5

Chapter Five – “The Busy Crowd”

As the stranger and the apprentice travel across the desert they come to a small village where the hustle and bustle life was very fast paced. Everyone was trading and they were all so busy that they forgot the only important thing. And the apprentice walked up to the square and went to the well and started to talk… and all the villagers gathered round. You are all busy doing what you are doing, yet in the middle of all this business there is no silence… and that lack of silence leads to a lack of peace within.

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And one of the people in the crowd called out: How do we create inner peace?

And the apprentice said: There are four ways to create inner peace.

First of all one must silence the tongue, speak as little as possible, but when you speak make it very important, and thus purity of speech creates truth, and truth creates purity of heart. And purity of heart is very important to be able to connect to God, the One and Only… and the Universe.

Second one must silence the mind, thus allowing space for the one thing only – GOD, The Universe, and the One and Only. Every morning and every evening sit in silence and concentrate on your breathe. At the same time in your mind create the sound “OM” say “OM” as you breathe In and say “OM” as you breathe Out. Thus all thoughts that are not necessary are washed away thus leaving room to hear the One and Only as the still small voice that resides within your heart.

Third when the mind is not busy say a personal name of God over and over again, perhaps it is the name of pervious avatar that came to speak truth… say HIS name over and over again silently in your mind… thus allowing peace to filter in.

Forth when these first three types of silence are achieved then and only then can one connect totally to the understanding of the multiverse… and all that takes place in the multiverse. God Silence is the silence that is superior to all silence, because it creates inner peace thus allowing grace to filter in and God to reside within the heart… and Universal Wisdom to be known.

And someone in the crowd said: But how do we go about doing this when there is so much to do everyday?

And the apprentice answered: Most people are caught up it the outer world, they have no clue as to how to slow down and thus be able to accomplish more. Most people think that doing more creates happiness, yet let me tell you this… that is not true! Doing less creates more happiness, and I am not saying that one should not be busy doing their work, but their must be time to settle down, to find joy, and allow the hustle and bustle of the world to pass by.

Most of what people do has nothing to do with anything, the more they talk, gossip, and kill idle time with unimportant prattle of the tongue the more the mind becomes full of desires ,and those desires bring about a lack of contentment and peace. If you want peace lift up your hands… and everyone in the crowd held up their hand. And so it is that everyone wants peace… and the only way that’s possible is to follow these four ways of creating silence. To silence the tongue and speak only truth; to meditate on the vibration of God – “OM”. To fill the mind with a personal name of God. And lastly to find the most superior of all silence which is God silence or Heart Silence which brings about peace and contentment.

Tell me… how many want to keep going the way they are now without peace? And no one raised their hands. Now tell me… how many are willing to practice these forms of silence? And 1/2 the crowd raised their hands. This is good! That is more than I expected! Most people are caught up in Maya and desires control their life. But for those who held up their hand their is hope! It takes time and practice, but practice as in all things makes everything perfect. Those that did not raise their hands there is also hope for you, you will come later in this life or the next. But sooner or later you will know that peace and contentment in God and the Universe is the only thing that is important.

To be continued…

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