The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice” – Chapter 6

Chapter Six – “The Brotherhood of Love”

Then in the middle of the crowd stood a man who all of a sudden clutched his chest and yells out in agony… dropping to the ground. Two people beside him checked to see if he was breathing and looked up and shook their heads with “No”.

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At that moment the apprentice ran over, and as he did he made a gesture with his hand as though he was motioning something to leave and go away. The apprentice walked quickly but did not run, he came upon the man who was dead and patted the top of his head with a quick pat… and the man awoke as though he had been sleeping. And the apprentice then held out his hand and helped the man back to his feet. And the two men that were standing beside him said: You were dead, your heart stopped beating, and you were not breathing, for sure you were gone. And the man answered: No I was not dead, I fainted, and I was dreaming that I saw a beautiful angel coming my way with glorious enveloping light, a light that was so inviting that I just wanted to be part of that light. Then all of a sudden the beautiful angel disappeared and I was here again with you.

And the apprentice said: That angel was the great angel of life… here to collect you and take you back to God, the One and Only, and the Universe. But God told me it was not your time, that you had more love to spread. So I walked over and motioned to the angel of life to leave, and quickly tapped you on the head. Then God coursed through my body the essence (energy) of LOVE! This energy of LOVE is the energy of Life. Without that energy there is no life on this plane, only the soul exists without the life energy of “QI” as some call it.

And the man answered: No I was not dead! And the other two men said: Oh yes you were very dead, there is not doubt about it, you died here and this young man brought you back to life! And with that the crowd bowed down in awe, and the man who died bowed down and kissed the feet of the apprentice. And the apprentice lifted the man back up and said unto him… I came from life just like you, I was born just like you, but I’ve learned from my great teacher the ways of heaven. I am here to teach Love, for God is Love, and Love is God, and God is Truth.

You are given a wonderful body to make good use of, it was not your time to die, and now you are given a second chance. As all of you are given a second chance to share your Love with everyone on the planet. For you see there are those who are the opposite of Love who want to hurt and take advantage of everyone and everything. But now is the time of healing; now is the time of great giving; now is the time of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Lift up your heads, see the good in all things, listen with ears that hear the good in all things, and do actions that create love.

It’s so simple, if we are to overcome the darkness… we have to shed light upon the darkness. For no darkness can remain dark even with the smallest candle of Love shining brightly all around. This planet has been run by those who only care about themselves for so long… so pray, love, and give homage to God, the Universe and the One and Only. It’s time for the darkness to fade! It’s time for the light of Love to become so bright that nothing but Love can exist. With that much love everything on this plane; and on the plane of Heaven will be healed; plus all that exists in every plane of existence in the multiverse will come together as the Great Alliance of the Brotherhood of Love.

And this Alliance of those who Love is waiting for everyone to awaken from their slumber, to awaken from their inability to see the truth when it’s right in front of them.


To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider




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