The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice” – Chapter 7

Chapter Seven – “The Face of the Universe”

And the people in the crowd were amazed to see the man who died alive again… and at the same time they had questions. And then one of the women in the back spoke up and said: Tell us why we have to work so hard, it doesn’t see right, we work all the time expecting things will get better.

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And the apprentice said: It is… as it is, why is it so hard to accept reality and be happy with what we have? We can work hard in the fields, but it’s the mind that is upset and wants more. It is the mind that is full of desires and wants this and that. Yet there are those who are full of spirit and they live their life with very little… and they are happy.

Our mind has to be overcome, because our mind is always full of ego and always wants pleasure… and pleasure is much different than inner joy. Pleasure is fleeting, pleasure comes and goes, and anyone who bases his life on pleasure will always feel the ups and downs of the world. One day they have what they want and they will feel happy, one day they won’t have what they want and they will feel sad. As the world changes so does their happiness and sadness. It’s like riding a camel that  bounces up and down all day long. You would think that sooner or later they would get tired of all the ups and downs of life. But pleasure is a drug that takes over the mind and soon we are hooked, and we want more and more… and it becomes insatiable.

And the women in the back said: But how do we overcome this need for pleasure and find true happiness?

And the apprentice said: In order to overcome the mind one has to focus on God, the Universe, and the One and Only. And it takes time to train the mind to connect to the Universe. Remember when you chop down a tree it’s not the first blow with an axe that makes the tree fall, nor is it the second, or the third, and it may even take 40 blows to make the tree come down. It may seem futile at the 39th blow but with the 40th blow the tree comes tumbling down. And the same goes for the mind, it will take time to overcome the pleasure seeking mind and focus on God. Do not think that it will happen over night… it will take days for some, months for others, and even years for many. But in doing so there will be a life time of inner peace and bliss.

Those 4 steps to creating inner peace that I talked about earlier are the tools to overcome the mind. Speak little, silence the mind with meditation, say the name of God over and over again, and reap the benefits of the Superior Silence or God Silence.

And with that the apprentice bowed his head and started to pray and everyone in the crowd laid down on the ground and went into a deep trance. There they found them selves in a place of joy, a place where they were part of every single molecule… of every single thing around them. They were the rocks that make up the well; they were the gravel on the road; they were the sod bricks of the houses… and they were the hair on the donkey. But more that all of this, there was a wonderful all pervading joy that stretched out beyond eternity. A joy that was all encompassing because they were the joy, they were the bliss, and they were everyone and everything. They were even one with every grain of sand in the desert… they were One with the Universe!

But most of all… all the men and women could feel the immense bliss that infused the Universe, and the outstretching Multiverse that goes on forever. And they were part of that bliss, part of the joy, a joy that had no beginning… and no end.

And then the apprentice lifted up his head and all the men and women came out of their trance. They were given a preview of what they would experience if they followed the 4 steps to creating inner peace.

And the women who spoke before said: Thank You Young Man, I had no idea how blissful it can be with God. And then all the men and women came together and hugged one another with tears streaming down their face… for they had seen the face of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider




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