The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice” – Chapter 8

Chapter Eight – “The Four Angels”

And at that point the stranger and the apprentice start to walked away down the street enjoying the little village. And soon they come upon a old woman sitting outside near a stable where camels and goats were eating hay. And the old woman said to the stranger… why does my husband refuse to eat anything that is good for him? He only eats foods that are sweet, and those foods that are fattening, but nothing that will make him strong. Because of that he is now very ill, his mind is starting to leave him and his body is failing. Stranger talk to me, why did he do this?

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And the stranger looks at the apprentice and nods his head. And the apprentice says: Every soul has free will, every soul comes to this plane to accomplish something in one way or another. Some come to help other sentient beings, while some come to suffer and feel what it’s like to go through certain types of processes so they have more compassion when they leave this plane and go back to God, the Universe and the One and Only. How can they learn if they do not go through the process themselves. Every lesson you have learned on this plane came from learning from experience… and those experiences molded who you are today.

Think of the soul as a gathering of experiences from billions of lifetimes. Each life time brings together new understandings that bring the essence of God that lives in every heart closer to the One and Only – The Ultimate Expression of God. And when your husband dies he will go through the tunnel of light and come upon 4 angels of light, they will sit and watch his life review with him… and ask him if he has learned the lesson he wanted to learn. Also they will ask, if he was able to spread love while he was on the earthly plane, and he will make those decisions himself. His answers will automatically create the vortex to for theme of his new life, and he will start as a blank slate not remembering anything of his former lives other than the lessons that his soul has learned in previous lives. Except when he is very young, he may remember some instances of living other lives… but they quickly fade because everyone around him will not take it seriously. Thus he will start again trying to learn the lessons his soul has placed before him. None of this is either good or bad, it is what it is, it’s about learning… and becoming more, thus understanding the great awareness of the ONE – GOD, the Universe, and the One and Only.

After a few thousand lifetimes the Divine Essence of the Soul starts to understand on a vibrational level that changes everything for all eternity. Thus consequent lifetimes build upon themselves to bring about an end of suffering for people around them. This awakening of the soul is truly what the One and Only expects to happen. But God waits patiently as we awaken from our slumber opening our heart to the point that we finally change life on this plane. This is why all the Great Avatars who have come to spread love, the Essence of their Vibrational Being has raised itself very close to that of God… so close in fact that their’s very little difference.

Your husband will sooner or later get to that point, but for now he has many lessons to learn, and the learning process must not be impeded… or even thought of in a negative way. He came to learn, and he is learning, and then his soul is recycled to learn even more about himself… and the God within. And thus one day he will reach a vibration that’s very close to that of The Universe It Self. The ultimate expression of the Soul is to be One with GOD.

Be not sad, be happy that he is learning, and also be happy that YOU shared your lives together… that is a great honor.

And with that the apprentice bowed his head in prayer and four angels appeared before her and they lifter her up into the higher reaches of the Vibration of God. There she witnessed the on going coming and going of souls, their life reviews, and the vortex they created to pull them back into time and space itself. Thus they were reborn, born whole, wide eyed and waiting for their new chance to raise their vibration to another level. She could feel that there was no agony, in fact everyone was whole and healthy, and they were immersed in amazing bliss. They did not want to go back, but knew it was their destiny… thus she understood and was at peace.

And then she was brought back to the apprentice by the four angels that lovingly brought her back to the earthly vibration. And she said: I understand now! I have seen it myself, it’s all about learning and I must not be sad. But I too must learn to open my heart and love my husband, love him just for who he is right now. And as she was in tears she kissed the apprentice… then she went into their house to be with her husband during his final days on earth.

To Be Continued…

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