The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice” – Chapter 9

Chapter Nine – “Thousands of Cultures in the Multiverse”

Then the stranger and the apprentice left the village and started out across the desert. Soon they came to a small oasis to water their camels and stopped for a while to talk with the local people. And in this beautiful oasis stood a large tree and nestled in the middle of the tree was a huge treehouse, built of wood and beautifully balanced in the tree. And out from the treehouse door walked a nice looking gentlemen who welcomes the two strangers and asked them to climb up the ladder and join him for tea.

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And so the strangers climbed the ladder as the camels drank water. And once they were on the front porch they could see all the landscape around them for miles. And the house was beautiful inside and out. And as they made smalltalk the gentlemen who owned the house said: Tell me strangers, why is it that nothing changes, that we still have wars, we still have people starving, and we still have racial strife… it seems nothing has changed in the last 50 or 60 years. At one time I thought everything was going to change, that people were going to love one another and war would be a thing of the past. But it seems that we have cycled back into the same old thing… one war after another, more people dying of hunger, and people killing one another because of the skin color. When will this all end?

And the stranger answered: Nothing has changed since the beginning of time. Man is full of greed, arrogance, pride, an ego… and so we still have the same problems we’ve had for eons. Man is not alone in the Universe, we have thousands upon thousands of humanoid cultures strewn throughout the vast expanse of the endlessness. Most of these cultures are very old, and because of that they’ve moved past all the childish ways of being that we have. They all work together for the betterment of the Brotherhood of Love. All ego, all pride, all arrogance, and greed are gone in their cultures… which leaves love, cooperation, caring, and consideration for every single sentient being throughout the Multiverse.

All of these cultures have visited earth many times, and some are even bases here on earth in the vast depths of our oceans. And still others live in deep subterranean caverns and caves that network across the globe. Most are friendly and are doing scientific work about our planet… and about all the amazing species of life we have on this blue green ball of light. For you see… on most planets there are not as many species of life as we have, we have more than most planets. So they come to understand our amazing diversity of life… yet they are puzzled by the backward nature of man.

When man was very primitive, they injected genetic material into our pool of genes in order to bring about mans awareness of himself. That was only a few thousand years ago, but that injection of their own DNA into all our pool of genes gave us greater understanding and the ability to acquire knowledge.

That is why in all the spiritual teachings past down through thousands of years talk about the ability to gain knowledge as a double edge sword. Most species use this ability to gain knowledge for the betterment of the planet. But there are those few orbs of water and plant life in the multi-verse that use knowledge for selfish and ego driven ways… thus the planet suffers. It’s our own doing, and those who have come from afar do not interfere with the process of maturation of our species. Thus we flounder, but they know that given enough time… we will overcome our gluttonous ways, so they stand back and watch as we mature.

All these beings are part of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. They know they are not separate from anything, and because of that see light within everyone and everything. Some of us have brought darkness upon the planet, these beings know that sooner or later light will overcome the darkness, and we shall overcome our animalistic ways of living.

Do not despair, for Light, Love, and Greatness are coming in the near future. It’s all a matter of time, and it’s inevitable that we too will become part of the Brotherhood of Love in the Multiverse.

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider




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