The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice” – Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen  – “The Power of Oneness with the Universe”

And the Lama took the stranger and the apprentice on a short diversion to a cave where an High Priest who was a profit himself lived and meditated for long hours. When they approached the cave all of a sudden there was a large explosion that rang forth from the cave. Frighten and worried about the priest the three profits yelled out: “High Priest” are you OK?

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And in a deep voice the High Priest answered: Yes I was just practicing my ability to create sound from nothing. Please come in and have some yak milk tea with me.

So the three profits entered the cave and met the High Priest who was very old, with long white hair; a long white beard; and wore a long white robe. And the Lama said: How are you doing my friend, you startled us with your display of changing energy… and very well done I might add.

I am fine my old friend, and yes I have been meditating her for ages now, and I’m beginning to get the hang of this whole process. For you see during my meditation I became aware that all that exists in creation is part of God, the Universe, and the One and Only. And when communing with God in meditation, I came to the conclusion that I can do nothing in this Universe alone… all that is me is also God. Thus the energy of the Universe is not separate from me, I am one with that energy if I stay in constant communion with God, the Universe, and the One and Only. Thus God is all energy, and energy is God, and I am One with God, and thus I too am One with the energy. The Universe and I are ONE.

Thus all that is, is also One with Me, and thus I am One with God,

and thus I too am the Universe.

Think about it this way: 

The Light of God and the Universe is all there is.

My God and the Universe and I are One.

Thus I am the Light.

Thus I Am the Universe.

This is extremely hard for many to comprehend, because they have ages of dogmatic teachings that belittle mankind and keep man as a beggar instead of taking his rightful place next to God and the Universe.

Many a great avatar has expressed these exact ideas in different words. Even Jesus talked about the fact that we will sit beside God. And Jesus also said “We can do all this and more”. Why would he say this if it were not true? Because it is true! And it’s time for man to take his rightful place in Divine Communion with God and the Universe.

Everything in creation is Love, there is nothing else.

We love and thus love is given back to us in amazing ways.

Think about the love a bee has for a flower. Does the bee see itself as separate from the flower or superior to the flower? No it sees everything as it is. One cannot live without the other… the bee has Divine understanding that all things are as they should be in Divine Balance.

In this process it’s important to be the first to give love.

Then the process of the Universe will create an endless cycle of creating balance bringing love back to the giver.

What is Love but Energy! And energy is Love. Both are a Divine understanding that nothing can be extinguished… thus Love can never be extinguished. Thus with the power of Love all things are possible. Even creating matter out of thin air, what most people believe to be impossible. And there in lies the answer to all the problems on this earth. People believe only in what they see. Yet love which cannot be quantified by science is the most important and powerful aspect of all.

This has been understood down through the ages by all the avatars. And with this process of love, I can create loud explosions by clapping my hands. For I am One with God, the Universe, and the One and Only… For God is Love, and thus I am Love, and thus all things come into existence by LOVE.

Then the High Priest walked to the opening of the cave and clapped his hands, and a powerful explosion rang through the mountains.

And the three profits just smiled and nodded their heads.

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider



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