The 7th Avatar – Book 2 – “The Avatar and the Apprentice” – Chapter 26

Chapter Twenty Six  – “The Story of Mudslides and Floods”  

Again the four profits started their trek through the jagged mountains and came upon a valley filled from one side to the other with tea plants. It was so soothing to see this that they sat on a hill overlooking the valley take in the view. But soon a farmer came to them and recognizes them as the four profits that everyone was talking about. And the farmer said: Oh Holy Ones please tell me what to do, my farm produces well as you can see, tea is abundant. But there are many other crops that pay more money, and I am wondering if I should rip out all the tea plants and plant rice, yams, and other food crops? Please tell me what to do Oh Holy Ones!

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And the apprentice looked at the other profits and who nodded their heads and the apprentice said: NO, DO NOT CHANGE THIS VALLEY!

You will find over time that everything will come and go. Right now tea is not in fashion, and people want food crops. But believe me in the future tea will become very valuable, and you will be ready when this happens. Listen to your heart, you love this valley the way it is, don’t listen to others. Everything is a cycle, everything comes and goes, and new trends are just the same, they come and go. And that means very soon your valley of tea will become very important.

Let me tell you a story: Once there was a sheep herder in a small valley that was doing well. But all of his neighbors decided to sell their sheep for cattle. But the sheep herder did not want to do this, because his family had been raising sheep for ages, his father before him, his grandfather, and his great grandfather were all sheep herders. So he told everyone that he would not change.

So he kept his sheep and made a good living. But the rest of the sheep herders in the valley wanted to make more money, they were greedy, and with cattle which were larger animals they could make more money. So they sold their sheep and bought cattle, and at first they did make more money. But soon the cattle with their sharp and large hooves started to destroy the natural grasses creating erosion everywhere in the valley. And when the monsoon rains came mudslides and torrential floods moved through the valley.

But the sheep herder just moved up higher into the far reaches of the mountains where the cattle could not make their way. And thus the sheep herder and his family and all his sheep were saved from the terrible mudslides and floods in the valley. Many people in the valley even lost their lives. And after everything was over, the sheep herder came down to help those who were suffering and shared woolen clothing to keep them warm. And from that day forward he was regarded as a hero who save many lives. Then all the sheep herders switched back to herding sheep. And from that time forward mudslides and flooding were a thing of the past.

So do not listen to what others are telling you about making more money and gathering riches. Listen with your heart, listen with love, listen to what God, the Universe, and the One and Only is saying to you in the stillness of your heart… and everything will work out.

And the farmer said: Ah Yes, my heart is telling me not to change the valley. Sooner or later things will change, things always change. I just have to listen to God, the Universe, and the One and Only speaking to me in the stillness of my heart. And that great stillness is saying “Leave everything the same… all will be well.”

Thank You Great Profits.

A thousand blessings for all of you!

To be continued…

Dr. Paul Haider






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