“How to Find the True Meaning of Life”

“The Advancements of Technology or the Call of Spirit”

We are exploring the deepest parts of the oceans, climbing the highest peaks of the world, going out into space to visit other planets, landing on asteroids, crossing the oceans with solar powered planes, colliding particles with giant magnetic chambers… and much more. Yet man still has multiple wars going on, people are dying of hunger, and many diseases are ravaging the world, plus different groups of people killing one another. We have men with lots of worldly knowledge but there is little in the way of wisdom.

What is the cure for all of this? It’s very simple.


During the time of the pharaohs they engaged their most prominent scientist to look into the afterlife and understand the nature of spirit. In simple aboriginal tribes every listens to the shaman talk about the inner world and the cleansing of the soul and all the karma associated with past lives. In India guru’s talk about going inward to find peace and nirvana. They talk about the fact that peace lives within each and everyone of us. But we must allow ourselves to touch that peace in order to find enlightenment.

It’s said in ancient scriptures that many ancient cultures had their technology become so strong that it took over, and thus mind based knowledge became all important. This means that sooner or later technology was revered as their spiritual center. We must take a look at what we have going on today, people spend hours upon hours working on their computers, on their pads, and smart phones.

And we have to remember that whatever we spend time with the most… becomes our spiritual center. Thus lifeless wires and gizmos have become the center of our soul, and we pay homage to them by giving them our time. In fact we give gratitude to these wonders of electrical magic for making our lives easier, and gratitude to these wires, screens, and energy cells for being in our lives.

Thus our time to paying homage to God, the Universe, and the One and Only is diminished or completely erased from our lives. This leads to a lack of purpose, plus all spiritual direction… with ethical concepts which guide our life fade away. Thus people become depressed, misguided, and full of anger because they are not happy… and that reflects in the outer world. Rage takes over, and life starts a downward spiral path that’s sooner or later ends badly. Not only for individuals in general, but also for nations. The same downward cycle takes over for nations… and thus a nation changes drastically and becomes misguided.

But there are some who can find a good balance of technology and spirituality. And there are even those who have given up technology altogether in order to live a simpler life. This means they have more free time, time to sit and read, time to contemplate, time to go inward with meditation… and find true wisdom. And because of this they decide that peaceful coexistence is the only way to live. Thus no matter what happens they greet every challenge with peace.

There are no grand temples, no grand churches, or huge synagogues, or anything else, just the majestic cathedral of nature. Where ever we find nature, our heart is filled with peace, and silence resides within nature, and thus God is embraced in delightful silence. Simplicity becomes the center of their being, because they have gone back to nature to find the true Great Spirit. Thus as with the Native Americans they see spirit in everything and everyone. Consequently they teach their children how to find Great Spirit, God, the Universe, and the One and Only in simple things like pine cones, a trickling stream… and even a sunrise. They understand the complexity of Gaia and how all things were created to give man a spiritual center… a spiritual way of life.

Thus simple pleasures fill their soul with power, a power that guides them to seek that which is important, all things peaceful and kind… LOVE.

Thus if your heart beats to a different drummer, perhaps it’s time to take up the challenges and make life better for all of humanity by living a simple life.

Dr. Paul Haider





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