“What About Karma and Physical Health”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1We come to this plane to learn lessons and some of those lessons concern living life with physical difficulties. Some are born with all kinds of physical and mental impairments. When we are on the other side of  the veil we soon decide that we need to go back to the physical plane and learn more, and thus we decide the lessons we need to learn. There is no thought to how much pain and suffering we will endure, that’s of no consequence on the other side of the veil. But what is of consequence is how much we will learn in the process.

Perhaps we become a paraplegic who has lost the use of his legs. During that tragic time we can decide to become angry, full of rage, and take our anger out on the world. And then we create a downward spiral that in the end we find ourselves in the gutter, thus we see there is no way to go… but up… and a lesson is learned. Or we stay angry and hateful and at the end of that life we come back to do it all over again in a different scenario in a different life. Or we can decide that the disability does not impede our spiritual growth… and we boldly go out to help others.

Karma is accumulated as a consequence of our negative thinking and negative actions. If we are impaired physically in some way, that does not take away from our cycle of karma. The process still keeps going to matter what we do, where we are headed, and what state of mind we are in, karma is very methodical. Of course those who are bedridden, cannot move, and can hardly think have very little change in their karma… but they learn just the same.

People with physical challenges also bring the opportunity for others to lighten their load of karma. Those who help those in need, helping those with physical and mental difficulties are truly embraced by the Divine Light. And when that light shines brightly around them their tally of karma is reduced and thus the process of moving forward to becoming enlightened proceeds. Thus those who are physically disabled are interconnected with those who are moving forward to remove all karma from their spiritual essence. All souls are connected in this way. We are not playing our part alone, no not at all. We are playing on the big stage, and all the souls around us are playing their important role… with all their heart and soul. Thus the theater is open, the lights are dimmed, and the unfolding of the drama, the comedy, the thriller, and many more situations comes to light. As Krishna said to Arjuna, “Play Your Part” for not a single soul ever ends.

It’s been said by all the saints and gurus that there is a reason for everything under the sun. Sometime it’s very hard for us to understand the reason for suffering, yet suffering brings about great compassion. And suffering can bring us to our knees, finally allowing us to kneel down before the One and Only. And because we finally let go of ego… we surrender to Divine Will.

Have you ever met someone disabled who is at peace with their plight in life? What more can be said? They have surrendered to Divine Will. Plus there are those who watch disabled people and suffer even more, thus they’re suffering brings about compassion, and that compassion is the one thing we truly need in the world. Compassion allows us to connect with our heart, and thus we connect to people who live in a situations which resonate with our soul. And compassion allows us to find something for the first time… real Love.

Thus Love spiring forth eternal from suffering, from compassion, from those who have physical and mental challenges. And the cycle of planting seeds of compassion bears fruit… which brings forth the sweet taste of Love. Be not sad for those who suffer. But be there to help those who suffer from the depths of your soul, and at the same time lighten your load of karma with Love. And perhaps the Love you give will bring about compassion in two hearts… and both will find peace in the here and now.

For you see, everything is connected, there is nothing separate, nothing that’s not as it should be… for We are All ONE.

Dr. Paul Haider






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