“How to Grow as a Spiritual Student”

“The Student and Master Relationship”

To plant the seeds of spirituality, there first needs to be a strong desire to know God, the Universe, and the One and Only. There needs to be a burning deep down inside that drives a person forward wanting to know more. That is the seed spirituality, and students must crave something unseen and only found in the spiritual realm. They need more than “Maya” the materialistic world can provide. Without that burning desire the seed the spirituality will never grow. In addition a student must gets down on his knees and asks to God to provide answers… that is the true birthplace of spirituality.


Once the seed is planted it needs to be nurtured. And that nurturing is done by surrounding oneself with people who understand the spiritual path. What good does it do to plant a seed and then pour battery acid on it? We must nurture the beautiful seed of spirituality with Love. And those who love deeply give off a loving vibrational impulse that fosters the breaking open of the husk of the seed so it will grow. To have negative people or even people who are angry or hate around us stops the growth of spirituality. So having loving people in our life is absolutely essential for growth of the soul.

Next there needs to be an all-consuming desire to know more. This is where spiritual writings and texts come into play. A spiritual aspirant will consume spiritual writings like they were going out of style. There’s a deep hunger to know more, they consume everything they find to read, to watch, and anything else to know more about spirituality. Sometimes they will read one book at a time, and at other times they will read multiple books at a time. This is normal, and it fills the needs of the soul for a short time.

Now they are ready for a guru, a saint, a spiritual teacher, someone who knows the path… a teacher who is willing to tutor anyone who is willing to learn. This is important… true teachers of the spiritual path do not charge anything, they only want to help. Right away a student will know when he’s found his teacher… because there will be a heartfelt connection. It’s like a magnet to iron, a moth to a light, the student is drawn to the spiritual master. Sometimes within a second of meeting his master the student will feel spiritual ecstasy take over his mind and body. Thus they find themselves in the state of divine bliss and bewilderment. Sometimes woozy and feeling like they are going to pass out. Then the master surrounds the student with unconditional love. The student has never felt this kind of love before, it’s overwhelming. Thus the master lovingly embraces the student… and starts removing the heavy load of guilt and shame he or she carries.

The student stays in connection with his or her master, guru, and spiritual teacher, and like a sponge he soaks up everything. Their master will either be extremely kind at various times, or extremely rude, in order to breakdown the students ego. This depends upon what the student needs to learn during various stages of their spiritual growth. A student may think he know everything, and thus the master will teach the student how to empty his cup. For the beginner this is not easy, but if the student is truly interested in growing they will stick with the path. In fact some students will lash out, become angry, and try to make a mockery of the master and leave… this is common. But the master is a master for a reason, and he knows that the path of spiritual growth is not easy—The master will weed out those who are  not truly interested. And that is why many times the master will push the buttons of students… in order to force them to sprout and grow.

And there is also the process of service, of giving service to others in order to fulfill the spiritual path. But not just to fulfill the path, but also for healing the soul of those around the student, plus nurture the soul of the student himself.

Service, Love, and Truth are the three fold path the student will master while on the spiritual path. And one must also learn to control the mind. And that’s also why the master pushes the students buttons… they must learn control. They also learn meditation which allows the student to calm the mind, and find peace in crazy mixed up world. In addition they learn prayer, chanting, and contemplation, plus interactions with others in order to build wisdom.

This process will vary depending upon the master and the student, but in general there is a system of learning that allows the eggshell of the student to be cracked, and all the beauty to spill forth as Pure White Light. Thus the soul is released and the spirit flies free to become at ONE. And eventually they find everything is connected to the ONE, in God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

Many Blessings to Everyone

May Your Soul Fly FREE!

Dr. Paul Haider






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